M8x55 Shield Sleeve anchor

Thorsman Shield Anchor, M8 x 55mm, Set of 101

Catalogue Number: 1511203
M8x55 Shield Sleeve anchor
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
Product or component type
Mounting support
  • brick
  • rock
  • concrete
  • stone
    • Drilling diameter
      14 mm
      Minimum drilling depth
      60 mm
      Thread type
      Threaded length
      55 mm
      Practical load capacity
      4 kN pull-out load concrete
      Surface finish
      zinc plated
      Quantity per set
      set of 100
      Sale per indivisible quantity
      EU RoHS Directive
      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
      Environmental Disclosure
      18 months

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is the 751R120 still available?

      No, unfortunately this sensor is no longer available. The only option is the 751R.

      Some of the key features are:
      • 10A maximum load current
      • Stand-by power consumption is less than 1W
      • 3 Wire
      • Neutral required
      • 30 seconds warmup time

      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=751R

      Can the Multi 9 range MCB be reverse fed.

      Yes, the Multi9 miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) can be fed either from top or bottom without any deterioration of their characteristics.


      Refer attachment for declaration of conformity about the same.

      What is the inrush/current draw of the shunt trip coil MG26974? It is a 24VAC shunt trip for a C60N Merlin Gerin breaker.

      Product Line:
      Circuit Breakers

      Electrical Distribution Equipment

      That unit has a momentary draw of 120 W.

      Will the Iconic 3 gang USB charger be available without a shelf?

      No, although it is supplied without the shelf skin it requires the shelf skin to complete it. The 3 gang switch skin will not fit.
      The NZ shelf skin code is PDL343HSC + the colour code.
      The Au shelf skin code is 3043HS + the colour code.

      AP5610, AP5615, and AP5616 KVM Switch LDAP Implementation Example


      I need help setting up LDAP with my AP5610, AP5615, and AP5616 KVM Switch.

      Product Line

      • KVM Switches
        • AP5610
        • AP5615
        • AP5616

      • All firmware versions
      • LDAP or LDAPS configured in your environment


      This article is provided as an example LDAP set up.


      Refer to the PDF attachment in this knowledge base.

      NetBotz rack access control can only be shared by a single NetBotz appliance.


      NetBotz rack access control can only be shared by a single NetBotz appliance

      Product Line:



      NetBotz version 3 appliances.
      NetBotz Rack Access Device AP9361


      Product limitation.


      The AP9631 may be pod-shared via an eligible version 3 NetBotz appliance. Only a single version 3 NetBotz appliance can pod share an AP9631 at a time.

      Where can I find the part numbers for the plastic part and power terminal kits for the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

      Where can I find the part numbers for the plastic part kits for the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

      Product Line:
      Altivar ATV61 and ATV71


      Looking for a plastic parts kit for the ATV61HU40M3 drive.

      See the tables below  or instruction bulletin 30072-453-27

      What do the errors 'Log Depth register can not have zero value' mean?

      A device is not uploading historical data and System Log Events shows errors like the ones below.

      20/08/2010 12:11:03 PM 191 XLPWRLOGIC.DLL text Computer General ALIJ21304 Log Depth register can not have zero value.
      20/08/2010 12:11:03 PM 191 egx300 test.pm820 Device General ALIJ21304 Transaction error. Device: 'test.pm820'. Client: 'LOGINSERTER.ALIJ21304'. Reason: 'Translator failure'

      Product Line
      ION Enterprise 6.0
      StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7
      Power Monitoring Expert 7.2
      Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

      Device Drivers

      If one of the 'native' device translator files (pm800,ion, cm4000.ion, etc) is opened in the Translator Editor, and saved, whether or not any changes have been made, the .ion file is rewritten incorrectly resulting in a steady stream of errors like those shown above for all instances of the affected device type. 

      A corrupted device type created in MDI can cause the same issue.

      Note: The Translator Editor is an unsupported tool that has been posted to the Community of Practice forum. It is intended to be used with the optional L2 device drivers ONLY. If this tool is used with any of the 'native' translators, it will break the historical data uploads.

      *Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).*

      To correct this problem in native drivers, revert to the original value of the .ion file.

      If this is seen on driver created in the MDI then rebuild driver.

      Com'X 200 Gateway (EBX 200) firmware upgrade fails when upgrading to version 2.0.5 or later

      Com'X 200 firmware upgrade fails when upgrading from a version prior to 1.46 to firmware version 2.0.5 or later.

      Product Line
      Com'X 200 Gateway

      Firmware upgrade

      "Signed Firmware" was introduced in version 1.1.20. 

      If the current version of firmware is prior to 1.1.20, you must first be upgrade to version 1.1.20 then to 1.4.6. Afterwards, the Com'X 200 firmware can be upgraded to 2.05 or later.

      The firmware can be upgraded through the Com'X web page.
      1. Once logged in to the Com'X web page, select the 'Maintenance' tab.
      2. Click on the 'System Settings' tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
      3. Click on 'No file chosen' and select the firmware upgrade file.
      4. Finally, click on the 'Upgrade firmware' button.
      Kindly refer to the FAQ below for the steps on upgrading the com'x firmware and the latest firmware:
      Latest firmware version: FA270260
      How to upgrade: FA270261

      All mentioned firmware versions are attached below and available here.

      Is there a quick fix for stuck screws on the vertical mounting rails of a NetShelter cabinet?

      The screws on the vertical mounting rail will not loosen.

      Product Line: 
      NetShelter Cabinets

      All versions and serial ranges

      Over-torqued rail screws.


      Solutions for Stuck Screws:
      There are two ways that you can loosen stuck rail screws using tools that you may have on hand:
      1. The first way requires a T30 Torx socket and a socket wrench. Using this combination provides much greater torque onto the screw head and should loosen it easily.
      2. The second way requires a T30 Torx bit and an electric drill. In this method you tighten the bit into the drill and use the drill as a wrench. Do not turn the drill on. Loosen the bolt by hand turning the drill as you would a wrench.

      If you don’t have these tools on hand please contact *Schneider Electric Tech Support to RMA p/n 0M-5383. This is a T-handle combination Torx tool. It provides more torque than the included L-shaped tool, but not as much as the methods outlined above. The 0M-5383 can be used as a Torx screwdriver or T-handle wrench. To loosen stuck screws you should use the tool as a T-handle wrench.

      If you need to replace any damaged screws please contact *Schneider Electric Tech Support to RMA p/n 803-8008A.

      Note: you will need the model number and serial number of the cabinet in order to process an RMA. These can be found inside the rear doors on the upper frame.
      Please have this information ready when you contact your local *Schneider Electric Tech Support.

      *Contact information can be found in the Owner's Manual or online at www.apc.com under Support.

      Does third-party equipment exist to test the AFCI to determine that it is functioning properly?

      Product Line:
      Circuit Breakers
      QO and Homeline
      AFI and AFCI

      Electrical Distribution Equipment

      No. So-called AFCI ``testers`` are on the market, but they are not UL listed for testing the function of an AFI circuit breaker. UL 1436 refers to them as ``indicators`` rather than testers, and Square D does not endorse them or recommend their use. They are subject to error in the form of giving a false negative result.

      The UL approved method of testing an AFCI circuit breaker is to press the push-to-test button when installed in an energized load center or panel. This test injects a signal into the AFCI sensor that looks like an arc to the AFCI. A properly functioning AFCI will trip when the test button is pushed.

      Paragraph 31.8.1 of the UL 1436 standard requires the AFCI Indicator markings or instructions to effectively state that the test button on the AFCI circuit breaker demonstrates proper operation.

      What is required to setup SMS messaging in ClearSCADA?

      Using a GSM Modem attached to your ClearSCADA Server doesn't require any third party software and the communication can be two way. You can send SMS messages out of ClearSCADA and you can also receive SMS Messages into ClearSCADA. 

      Recommended Hardware: Schneider Modem SR2 MOD02
      Note: Not all GSM Modems work
      I altered the ClearSCADA pager communications channel settings as follows to match the modems defaults. The paperwork that came with the modem didn't give me this vital information. So I found this information in SR2MOD02 and SR2MOD03 Wireless Modem User Guide 11/2013 on page 45 of a manual that I downloaded. 
              Baud Rate         = 115200 
              Data Bits        = 7 
              Parity                = Even 
              Stop Bits         = 1 
              Flow Control        = RTS/CTS 
      To send and receive SMS Messages you need to use the Pager Driver in ClearSCADA. 
      The online help gives some good information regarding this and can be found here 
      Driver Reference -> Pager Driver 
      The object you would need to create in ClearSCADA to send a SMS include 
      Pager -> SMS Pager Channel 
      Pager -> SMS Service 
      Alarm that would trigger the SMS 
      Alarm Redirection configured on the Alarm object or Group Object 
      Alarm Redirection -> Pager Action 
      User or Group of users in the database to send the redirection complete with contact details don't forget the +61 for the phone number and drop the 0 at the start of a mobile number. 
      The additional object you would need to create in ClearSCADA to process an inbound SMS include 
      Other -> Method call 
      Lots of other things can be done with Calendar and roster objects also...... 
      For product support the following email is best. 
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