Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing
Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing

TMX Hollow Wall Anchor 6E 12x3-16 Box 100 Pcs

Catalogue Number: 1260140
Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing
Cavity fixing  L10190
TMX, Cavity fixing
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Range of product
Product or component type
cavity fixing
Device short name
Provided equipment
threaded screw
Mounting support
high load installation in board material - thickness: 3-16 mm
Device application
3-16 mm high load installation in board material
Mounting support
wall mounted
Thread type
Screw diameter
6 mm
Screw length
57 mm
Shape of screw head
  • cross slotted
  • combi-head
    • Screwdriver shape
      Drilling diameter
      12 mm
      Colour tint
    • metal
    • grey
      • Quantity per set
        set of 50
        Net weight
        0.0212 kg
      • screw: steel electroplated
      • cavity fixing: sheet metal electroplated
        • Practical load capacity
        • shear: 450 N 2.5 )
        • pull-out load: 180 N 3 )
          • Thickness
            0-25 mm fixture
            Environmental characteristic
            fire resistance
            Ambient air temperature for operation
            -40-80 °C
            18 mm
            62 mm
            Unit Type of Package 1
            Number of Units in Package 1
            Package 1 Weight
            21.2 g
            Package 1 Height
            1.8 cm
            Package 1 width
            1.8 cm
            Package 1 Length
            6.2 cm
            Sustainable offer status
            Green Premium product
            REACh free of SVHC
            EU RoHS Directive
            Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
            Toxic heavy metal free
            Mercury free
            RoHS exemption information
            China RoHS Regulation
             Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
            Environmental Disclosure
            18 months

            Frequently Asked Questions

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            ETSNZ - How to Linking Vijeo Designer Variables to Unity Using an XVM File

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            What colours is the ML2025 available in?

            ML2025-RD - Red
            ML2025-DB - Blue
            ML2025-WE - White

            Is the PDLS800GPSBABK still available

            No the parts need to be ordered seperately:
            1x S800GPSBK (Black Grid and Cover Plate)
            1x S800CBABK (Brushed Aluminium, Black trimmed cover plate)

            What is the part number for a 20mm steel conduit plug?

            The part number  for a 20mm brass plug for steel conduit is 1220S20.

            What is the replacement for RE11RMMW Timer?

             The replacement for RE11RMMW Timer is  RE17RMMW

            time delay relay 10 functions - 1 s..100 h - 12..240 V AC/DC - 1 OC 

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            What is the dimension of 1260025 TMX-4E hollow wall anchor cavity fixing with screw?

            The dimension of 1260025 TMX-4E is 14mm (diameter) x 47mm (length). 1260025 is cavity fixing including fully threaded screw with combi-head and Phillips cross-slot.
            • Captive fixing – stays fixed even when the screw is not tightened
            • Anti-rotation design
            • Pre-assembled screw
            • High load values
            • Fire-resistant
            • Ideal for overhead cavity fixing
            Material and Operative Data:
            Material cavity fixing Expanding part: electroplated sheet metal
            Screw: electroplated steel
            Material mounting tool: Steel and plastic
            Temperature range:  –40°C to 80°C
            For further information please visit
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            What is the part number for a 3 position 30 series switch mech , labelled AUTO , OFF , MAN?

            The part number for a 3 position switch mech Labelled AUTO , OFF , MAN is - 39MAOM

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            Conext SW 2524 120/240 Split-phase (865-2524)
            Conext SW 4024 120/240 Split-phase (865-4024)


            See the attached wiring diagrams for the Conext SW and Conext SW-NA.
            Do not mix AC and DC wiring in the same conduit or panel. Consult the applicable installation code for details.
            There are two dual 3/4" /1" trade-size knockouts on the side panel and another two on the bottom panel for AC wiring. Use the same trade size of strain relief as the trade size of the knockout(s) you are using.


            What's the difference between the SyMax Model 50 programmable controllers 8005CP50 and 8005CP51?

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            8005CP50 is a 120/240 VAC Processor Unit.
            8005CP51 is a 24 VDC Processor Unit.

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            The NUM of the GearIn_LXM28 function block should be set to 1280000 and the DENUM should be set to 8192 (2048 x 4).
            This will make the perfect gear between the master and slave.

            What is the native resolution of the encoder counts for Lexium 28 servo drives?

            The native resolution for Lexium 28 is 1280000 counts per revolution on the motor.

            This is important to know especially when using the LXM28 in gear mode.
            The factory default ratio for gear mode is 128/10      (128 = numerator  10 = denominator)
            The equates to 128 motor increments for 10 pulses applied to the pulse train input.  

            Rev 10-23-18

            What is the factory default scaling on Lexium 28 servo drives?

            The factory default for position scaling is 128 as the numerator and 10 and the denominator.  Parameters P1-44 and P1-45 respectively.
            These values are based on the encoder feedback resolution of 1280000 counts per revolution from the motor.

            With the factory default scaling a commanded move of 100000 will result in the motor shaft making one full revolution.

            rev 7-19-18

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