block meter test metric

Max 4 Neutral, Active, Meter Links, Meter Test Block

Catalogue Number: 1008
block meter test metric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Video:How to Update Controller Firmware DCBM2 1608 Update

What is the fluro rating on 100MPIR

Fluro rating 100w

Do you have F-Type connectors in lots of 100?

Yes, we have the 3105RG6F100.

For more information, please refer to the link: 

what is the motor load rating for the 100MPIR?

100W Max Motor Load

5008 Wiggy Voltage Tester Leads

Are replacement leads available for the 5008 Wiggy voltage tester?

Product Line:
Voltage testers that were sold and supported in the USA.

Wiggy voltage testers maintenance/replacement.

The 6610VT1 Wiggy voltage tester and all related accessories are now obsolete, no replacement. Consider another manufacturer, such as Fluke,  for a similar product. 


What is part number for terminal shrouds for LC1D1506U7?

The part number for terminal shrouds for LC1D1506 and LC1D1156 contactors is LA9D115703
User-added image


Shrouds - for 3 poles TeSys model D

For furher information see:


What is the max fluoro load for a PIR Sensor ?

100w max fluoro

What is the max fluoro load for a PIR Sensor ?

100w max fluoro

What is the correct replacement part number for the obsolete GBX080 008 1001F type gearbox?

Issue: Obsolescence

Product Line: BMH, BSH motors - Gearboxes

Environment: N/A

Cause: Gear box and Adapter kit needed to be ordered separately


Schneider Electric has changed the part numbering system for the GBX gearbox's used with the BMH, BSH motors

The gearbox has been separated from the mounting plate and now you will need to order these items individually.

The original part number of GBX080 008 1001F been replaced by the following

Gearbox part number = GBX 080 008K

Adapter kit for mounting gearbox to BMH/BSH 100x motor = GBK 080 1003F


Communication (Comm) loss error code 4008 with PM870 in System Manager Software (SMS) 4.0 or 4.0.1

Error code 4008 means the Square D ID is not valid for the device type. Check the version of SMS. The 4008 error could be a result of SMS being an older version that does not support the PM870 meter. The PM870 meter will only communicate with SMS v4.0.2 or newer.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL199624 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 08/14/2009, Last Edited by MaTh on 08/14/2009
Related ranges: PM800 series, System Manager 4.0

What cable is used for the LA9RM201

 You can use RG6 and a max length of 100m

Can a 648TM be used to switch a 100W electronic transformer

Need to use a 600RM controlled by the 648TM

How to correct the system error code: 3008 in Scadapack ES?

How to correct the system error code: 3008 in Scadapack ES?

The Status point in the 5000 series I/O is not being validated by the E-series configurator software.
The problem was the status point that was assigned is already been used ( see point address in points folder) causing the system error 3008.
To correct the problem, disable the Stat. Pt. (see details below) or assign a stat point number that was not used.

Is the 7008 Pull cord switched or is the pull cord for the shutters?

The pull cord operates the fan as well as the shutters.

Some of the key features are:

  • BCA axial fan
  • High performance air movement
  • Low noise level
  • One person installation
  • 245 x 245 mm overall intake
  • 110 -310 mm window depth
  • 172 mm diameter duct
  • 180 mm diameter hole
  • Pull-cord shutter operation
  • 1 speed
  • Sleeve bearing motor
For further information please visit


What is the amperage rating for the PDL DBF10

The amperage is 100A

What are the amp ratings for 847/1

The current rating is 100A

What is the maximum message size that OFS can accomodate on TCP/IP?

OFS supports 1,022 byte Read messages and 1,008 Write messages, maximum, using the UNITE protocol.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL173821 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: OFS

How many 31JSCREW are in one bag?

They come in bags of 100.

Are there paint protector covers available for the Iconic range?

Yes, the 300APP/100 comes in a pack of 100. (Not available for architrave grids.)

What are the cable part numbers for M340 IO modules with 40 pin connections ?

The following M340 IO modules require preconfigured 40 pin connector cable with color coded flying leads.
Table below shows module and cable part numbers.

Discrete Module Connection Cable Part # Qty needed
BMX DDI 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
BMX DDI 6402 2 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 2 )
BMX DDM 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
BMX DDO 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
BMX DDO 6402 2 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 2 )
text text
AnalogModule text
BMX ART 0414 1 x 40 BMX FCW 301S*, 501S* ( 1 )
BMX ART 0814 2 x 40 BMX FCW 301S*, 501S* ( 2 )
* S suffix denotes shielded cable for Analog IO.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212360 V1.0, Originally authored by DiSa on 08/24/2013, Last Edited by DiSa on 08/24/2013
Related ranges: Modicon M340

Can a 100MPIR run a 1 x fan and 2 x energy saver lamps

It will depend on the size of the fan and lamps, max rating are 100W motor

What is the part number for a 100A 3 phase ,415V coil voltage?

The part number for a 100A 3 phase , 415V coil voltage is a LC1D80N7.

What is the part number for a 3 pole, 100A main switch?

The part number for a 3 pole, 100A main switch is a - SW3100.

Why the second output of the module TMC4AQ2 is not working in current mode?

Products TMC4AQ2 with date code lower than 1528 and larger than 1423 have a calibration issue only in current mode of the second output.
Anyway you can use the second output in voltage mode and the first output in current or voltage mode. 

If you need to configure the 2 outputs in current mode please contact your near Schneider Electric vendor.
You can find the date code in serial number that is located at the left side of the cartridge module:   

For example:

SN: 8B 1508 0028637T    ; 3th to 6th digit corresponds to the date code: 1508

We get response buffer too small: 1038 / 1204 in Unity Loader log file ( ULUMAS log file ), what does this error means?

The log message "response buffer too smal" means that when we upload  from the CPU not all data blocks were uploaded, because some block sizes in the PLC seem to be too big.

Are Masterpact NW and NT circuit breakers 100% Rated?

Are Masterpact circuit breakers 100% Rated?

Product Line:
Masterpact NT and NW

NEMA influenced markets only

All UL 489 listed Masterpact NT and NW circuit breakers are 100% rated.
Note that standard 80% vs. 100% rating applies to breakers listed per UL 489 only.

Does the Quantum ARI030 10 RTD module support 10 ohm copper?

No. The ARI030 10 supports Platinum and Nickel RTD's in 2,3 and 4 wire configurations. Pt 100, 200,500 1000 Ni100,200,500,1000 APt100,200,500,1000

Red and Green pins to suit TC15/24, TC15/15/24 and TC15/15/7D?

The red and green pins to suit these timers are TC32PINS-RD or TC32PINS-GR. These are sold as a pack of 100.

Does Clipsal have "tamper proof" screws?

Yes, we have the 355AP2TW50 which are available in lots of 100.

What is the part number for a 108 pole Chassis for iC60C/B's for the MB switchboards?

The part number for a 108 pole Chassis for iC60C/B's for the MB switchboards is - C3251083

How is current unbalance calculated on the DM6200?

The Current Unbalance formula is not detailed in the DM6200 User Manual.

Product Line

Reading verification

The current unbalance is calculated using the following equation:

I unbalance = (Max phase current - Min phase current) / Avg 3 phase current * 100

For example:

Ia = 100 A
Ib = 120 A
Ic = 150 A

Therefore, Max phase current = 150 A, Min phase current = 100 A, and Avg 3 phase current = (100 + 120 + 105) / 3 = 108.3 A.

I unbalance = (150 - 100) / 108.3 * 100 = 46.2 % unbalance

What is the max distance for the Wireless (Harmony) pushbuttons without a relay antenna

 The maximum distance is 100m without obstructions, this is reduced to 25m if the receiver is enclosed in a metal enclosure.

Replacement for the CONNEXIUM 100m Transceiver Part# 499NTR10100



What is the RF range for 755RFB base?

RF Range (line of sight) will be: 100m free air, 30m indoors

What Ethernet ports does DALI CONTROL Software/Hardware use

Some sites will require the opening of specific Ethernet ports to allow functions such as remote access. DALI CONTROL Software/Hardware require the following ports to be open on the Ethernet network:

Protocol        Port(s)              Use
TCP             80, 1001            Web Browser, DALIMonitor
UDP            1234, 1235         DALIWizard, DALIManager, DALITrace

Note: Port 1001 is the default port used when configuring the DALI Line/IO Controller. If you decide to use another port, remember to get this port opened also.

Can the A9F44210 be used with 110v AC?

Yes it can, the only difference between a 100v and 230v is that you will get 36kA breaking capacity as opposed to 20kA (230v).


What is the current rating for the neutral & earth bar in the PDL ME5

The current rating is 100A

What is the part code MCCB 100A 3P

NSX100 check which ka rating is required, if they just need a standard trip use the TM100D

What is the part code for a 100A front wired fuse holder and dimensions

 The part code is PDL760 - dimensions 48mm(W) x 131mm(H) x 94mm(D)

What is the Acti 9 code for 100A 3 pole D curve 27mm MCB ?


What type of fuse is used in the WCFSP5100 series ?

They use a 100a HRC fuse.

What is the physical size of the LC1F185 contactor?

Height 168.5 mm
Width 174 mm
Depth 181 mm
Product weight 4.65 kg

PV units over PV45 Not powertracking

Check PPT I MAX is set to 100%

Is there tech support or drivers available for APC-4902, USB1284 or 19008?

Technical support is required.

Product Line:
Cables and Connectivity Solutions

USB to Parallel, USB Extension, USB to IEEE1284

Need drivers or other technical support.

The APC-4902, USB1284 and 19008 are all 'plug-n-play.' They do not require drivers.

For technical support on APC-4092, USB1284 or 19008 please contact APC Cables.
Phone: 888-370-6688 in North America

what are the dimensions for a PDL DBF30

Board Size - 376w x 392h x 100d   Hole Size - 335w x 357h x 80d inc wallboard
This is a 30 module board flush mounting style which comes in white only.
This also replaces the 4FCC24 and 4FCC36.
Please see following link and look under the documents tab for more information and complete range of products.

Does the Quantum 140ARI03000 module support an type Ni (Nickel) RTD?

Yes, the 140ARI03000 supports Ni 100,200,500 & 1000 RTD's.

PowerLogic CM2000 Series Technical datasheet, Brochure and Register List

How to view installation/operation procedures, specifications, features and capability of all models within PowerLogic CM2000 series meters.
Product Line
PowerLogic Circuit Monitor - Series 2000
PowerLogic CM2000 series
A current offer within the PowerLogic product line is required to be cross-referenced with the technical specifications of CM2000 Series meters. 
See attached documents for the reference manual, Register list, Brochure and installation/operation manual.

How to read CM2000 registers from Wonderware software using an ECM

Product Line

Modbus Register reads

In order to read the CM2000 registers through an ECM module, Wonderware requires 30,000 added to the register number. Example: register 1003 in the CM2 would be read as 31003 in Wonderware.

Do you have a 3 pole 100A isolator in the WHB or 56 Series?

Only the WMS3100, however you could also use the SW3100 in the 56CB4 enclosure.

What are the dimensions of the RPC310M2

   105 x 108 x 56mm 
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