In Aveva Plant SCADA why do the processes in Runtime Manager do not start randomly or Computer Role cannot be set to Server and Client (Multi-Process) in Setup Wizard


19 April 2023

In AVEVA Plant SCADA / Citect SCADA the processes in Runtime Manager do not start randomly and / or in the Setup Wizard on Computer Role page the Server and Client (Multi-Process) option is disabled or grayed out.

AVEVA PlantSCADA 2020R2 / Citect 2018R2 (and older versions)
OS – Windows Server 2019/2016, Windows 10/ 8/ 7

Few of the Processes in the Runtime Manager don’t start randomly and every time the "Restart All" button is pressed only few of the Processes will run, as shown in Figure 1..
Runtime Manager
                                                 Figure - 1 (Runtime Manager)

And / Or the Server and Control Client (Multi-Process) option will get disabled in Setup Wizard (As shown in Figure 2) even though the machine has full Citect (server) installation / configuration on it.
Setup Wizard                                                                                                 
                                                    Figure -2 (Setup Wizard)

Root Cause
The name of the Computer is more than 15 characters and more than 1 Network Interface cards are used or configured on the computer. When the Computer name is more than 15 characters, the NetBIOS name of that computer gets limited to first 15 characters which may cause conflicts under NetBIOS name resolution.
Having Computer name as more than 15 characters with more than one Network Interface Cards will result in Runtime Manager’s Processes to behave abnormally. Also, if one of the two Network Interface Cards are used for Wifi, it may result in disabling the Server and Control Client (Multi-Process) option in the Setup Wizard.

Limit the Computer name to 15 characters only.