How to enable security for individual user in GeoSCADA Expert?


07 January 2022

Security setting for an individual user is not enabled by default in GeoSCADA Expert (Formerly known as ClearSCADA). Security tab is also not displayed in User Properties window.

Steps to Enable security settings for an individual user:
  • Go to Server Configuration > System Configuration > Security > Tick the box for Allow per-user configuration
  • Apply changes by going to File Tab. On Applying changes, you will be advised to restart the server for the changes to take effect.

  • After restarting the GeoSCADA server. Open new session of ViewX. In User properties window Security Tab will now appear.
  • Go to Security Tab > Tick the Enabled Tick box and Save it.

Security is now enabled for the User. This user can now apply security options which will only apply to that user.