What to do when having trouble installing and running RemoteConnect?


08 April 2022


I am having installation problems. My RemoteConnect/Logic Editor will not start 

  • We'd strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version. This will have all the latest fixes and improvements.
  • Make sure you have the prereqiusites, as noted below. Get the latest updates for those and for Windows.
  • If you are using Unity Pro or Control Expert, be sure to read the Software Installation pdf file for instructions on the order of installation.
The latest RemoteConnect is available here .
To cleanly install the software, could you please:
  1. completely uninstall the previous version of RemoteConnect.
  2. when you download the installation zip file, copy it to a local drive (eg C:\) and folder. Right click, select Properties, and "Unblock" if applicable, then unzip it.
  3. right click the install file, and select "Run as Administrator"

The prerequisites as of release R2.5.1:
Hardware and Software Requirements
Install SCADAPack RemoteConnect on a desktop or laptop computer that provides the following:
· 2.2 GHz or higher CPU recommended
· 5 GB available disk space
· 8 GB RAM minimum, 12 GB RAM recommended
· 1366 x 768 minimum screen resolution
· Microsoft .NET 3.5 and 4.6.1 runtime
o For your convenience, the .NET executable is included with the SCADAPack
RemoteConnect configuration software.
· Administrator privileges on the SCADAPack RemoteConnect computer

Supported operating systems
· Windows 8.1 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
· Windows 10 Professional (32-bit or 64-bit)
o SCADAPack RemoteConnect is tested against the latest version of Windows 10 at the
point of its release
· Windows Server 2016

I get the Integrity Check error:
The “integrity check” is the background “scan” from the logic editor.
Also, you need internet connections for the installation. Try to repair the installation.
-Right click on the installation setup.exe and run as Administrator.
-repair all the installation 
-Restart PC
If it is still not working, uninstall RemoteConnect, and Unity Pro or Control Expert as applicable. Delete those 2 folders:
The RAT and SRCSDK folders should be under:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Schneider Electric Shared
Then follow the three steps above again.