Can the operating handle of a General Duty Safety Switch be padlocked in the ON or OFF position?


23 January 2021

Product Design Feature

Product Line:
General Duty Safety Switches

Front Covers


Lock OFF:
Provision to padlock the operating handle in the OFF position is standard on all General Duty Safety Switches.

Lock ON:
There are NO provisions available, either factory or field modified, on ANY Series E or prior design series.

There are provision ONLY to padlock the handle in the ON position provided on Series F Switches (field modification ONLY required). This will be subject to local code regulations - consult local authorities for interpretation. On Series F Switches, the lockplate on the side of the switch, next to the operating handle, will have a small center punch mark towards the top of the lockplate. This center punch mark, may be drilled out in the field to accommodate a padlock.
NOTE:  Drilling a hole in the painted steel lockplate, will expose unpainted steel, which should be treated(or touched up) with paint. Square D does offer the gray(ANSI 49) paint in a spray can, the catalog number is PK49SP.