What are the part numbers for the NMI approved KWH Meters?


08 December 2021

Following are the part numbers for the National Measurement Institute NMI M6-1 Pattern Approved- Kilowatt Hour Meters-1P/3P/3P+N - LCD Digital

Model                                                                                                                                Reference
IEM3255 DIN-rail kWh meter - 5A or 1A external CTs, Modbus RS485, DI / DO ---------    A9MEM3255-NMI
IEM3350 DIN-rail kWh meter - 125A direct connect, Modbus RS485 ----------                   A9MEM3350-NMI

  • Meter verification report available upon request.
  • Meters verified in accordance to National Measurement Institute NITP-14

For more informaion and meters please check the following link: