Video: Why does the Local/Remote button not work on the Process drive keypad?


04 May 2022

Local/Remote button does not work

Product line:
Altivar 600 Family: ATV630, ATV650, ATV660, ATV680
Altivar 900 Family: ATV930, ATV950, ATV960, ATV980


Default programming

The factory setting for Process drives' Local/Remote button is 'deactivated'.
To activate it:
  1. go to menu 5: Complete Settings (CSt-)
  2. go to menu 5.5 for ATV600: menu 5.4 for ATV900: Command and Reference (CrP)
  3. go to parameter HMI cmd. (bMP) and change it from Deactivated (diS) to Bumpless (buMP) or to Stop.
Bumpless means that if transitioning from Remote to Local the drive will continue in it's last if it was running, it will continue to run at the same speed, but can now be controlled by the keypad in local mode.  When changing from local back to remote the drive will only run if the remote controls are calling for it to run and it will automatically switch to the remote speed reference.
Stop means that the drive will be stopped when switching between Local and Remote and a new run command will be required.