Who do I contact for support with the Drives and Soft Starts start-up program?


28 September 2021

Assistance with website for registering Drive and Soft Start start up.

Product Line:
All Altivar drives and soft starts, open style and/or enclosed.

Drives start-up website : https://drivestartup.schneider-electric.us/#/home
NOTE:  This website is for US based customers who have attended and been certified to perform start up on our Drive and Softstart products.

Customer is having problems registering drive products or is not authorized to register a drive product and is looking for training, or general assistance with the website or drives start-up program.

After registering an account on the drives start-up website, you can select "Program Support" in the left hand pane from the home page to send an E-mail request directly to the program management team for the drives Start-up certification program.   All requests for training, assistance, or bug reports for the website should be sent to the management team in this manner.
Drive Products Support has no way to assist with this website, or the training. 
Any support request MUST be made through the website.