How can a BCM module be programmed for 2w Modbus on a 4w communication system?


28 September 2021

Applying BCM programmed for 2 wire modbus to a 4 wire modbus system

Product Line:
Powerpact and Masterpact breakers with modbus communications

  1. With a newer Micrologic P or H trip unit, you may reprogram the BCM module to 4w.  This requires firmware version 2010AK or newer.
  2. If the trip unit does not have this option or if it is an A trip unit, you may use a 2w to 4w converter, like CNV-100. See the attached instruction bulletin for more details.
  3. Schneider sales offices can also order a BCM programmed for 4w Modbus. Order the module number, 33106, in Q2C with a note that you want it programmed for 4w Modbus.
    BCM 33106 profile is available only on Q2C Tool. Contact regional field offices to support order submission for customers who are unable to access Q2C.