How to disassemble an XB4 Operator


30 September 2021

How do you disassemble an XB4 operator and mounting collar

Product Line:
XB4 line of products, Harmony 22mm

US Products

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To disassemble an XB4 operator you need to pull the button/selector switch out of the mounting collar by using a small flat screw driver to pull down on the metal "L" shaped part on the bottom of the mounting body. You can then remove the contacts using the flat screwdriver to lift on the metal hooks that hold the contact block to the back of the mounting collar.

To assemble you snap the head into the mounting body by lining up the arrow on the collar with with arrow on the head. You can add contact blocks by pushing the bottom latch of the contact into the collar, and then you push the contact to the collar so that the metal hooks latch on to the back of the collar.