How does the Jog function work when the drive is configured for 3 wire control?


08 August 2022

Jog function in 3 wire control

Product Line:
Altivar 61/71

All models and serial numbers


The drive can operate the jog function in 3 wire control with the following characteristics. 
To jog in 3 wire control, the jog function must be enabled and then the start command (LI2) must be activated.
To stop the motor while in jog function simply remove the jog enable.  The stop enable (LI1) does not need to be deactivated as removing the jog function will perform this function.  The drive will stop running the motor and return the drive to normal 3 wire control.
If the drive is running the motor and the jog function is then enabled the drive will stop the motor and wait for the start command (LI2).