How is the PID setup on an ATV18 drive?


07 July 2022

PID setup on an ATV18

Product Line:
Altivar 18, ATV18.


Setting up PID to maintain level desired.


If you are using a 0-20mA or 4-20mA as your feedback then you will have to use AIC terminal.
With  AIC is your feedback.  There is no parameter in the drive that we can use to set your setpoint therefore you will need to use AI1 to set your setpoint.   This will be a 0-10VDC to act as your setpoint.

For programming,

Find L2A and set it to yes. 
PID is not compatible with JOG or Preset speed functionality.
Go to LI2, L3, and L4 and set them all to OFF unless otherwise needed.

If a 4-20mA is used, go to AIC and set it to PIF.
Go to CRL and set it to 4.0 or 4-20mA or keep at 0.0 for 0-20mA.

If a 0-10VDC is used for feedback then set AI2 as PIF and ignore AIC and CRL.

Basically, AI1 (0-10VDC) is your setpoint on this drive.
As an example, if we have a transducer(4-20ma) 0-100PSi range with setpoint at 50 PSi you will need to set AIC as PI, CRL as 4.0, and adjust AI1 to 5 VDC since 50/100 PSI is same range as 5VDC/10VDC.