What are the differences between load reactors, dv/dt filters, and sinus filters for Altivar drives?


08 July 2022

Difference between load reactors, dv/dt filters, and sinus filters?

Product Line:
All drives.


Spike protection and long distance motor connection in respect to the drive.

There are three different types of protection that can be added to the output of a drive.  These are load reactors, DV/DT filters, and Sinus filters.  The distance that a motor can be mounted in respect to the drive is greatly increased as you go from no device to load reactor to DV/DT filter to Sinus filter.

Load reactors are your basic motor protection units where they provide an increase in inductance on a long motor cable run.
DV/DT filters also called motor protection filters have a longer range motor protection compared to load reactors and have built in technology to prevent spikes to the motor.
Sinus filters have the longest range of motor protection.  They are designed to clean up the PWM wave coming out of the drive and have it resemble an AC sine wave as best as possible going to the motor.