Where is the Serial number located on Altivar Drives and Altistart Softstarts?


19 July 2022

Serial number location on Altivar Drives and Altistart Softstarts.

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The serial number is located on the units right side label beneath the Barcode.
The first two digits indicates country of origin (such as 88, 8B, SW etc...).  
The next two digits indicate the last two numbers of the year (such as 15 = year 2015)
The next two digits indicate the week of manufacturer (such as 26 = week of June 22 - June 28)  
All  remaining numbers indicates the sequence in that week. 

On Altivar 61/71 AC Drives it is also found in the Identification Menu, on the line following MC Software, via the keypad or HMI. 
(An example would be;  8B1403123456, which tells you that it was manufactured in week 3, or January of 2014).