What are the ranges of the Square D Circuit Breakers?


01 March 2021

MaterialDescriptionCommentDirect Replacement
QO106EC10MINIATURE CIRCUIT BREAKER 240V 6ADiscontinuedno replacement
QO110EC10QOvs 1P 10A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO110VSC10
QO116EC10QOvs 1P 16A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO116VSC10
QO120EC10QOvs 1P 20A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO120VSC10
QO125EC10QOvs 1P 25A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO125VSC10
QO132EC10QOvs 1P 32A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO132VSC10
QO140EC10QOvs 1P 40A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO140VSC10
QO150EC10QOvs 1P 50A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO150VSC10
QO163EC10QOvs 1P 63A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO163VSC10
QOH180XAUSMCB QOH 1P 80A 6KADiscontinuedno replacement
QOH1100XAUSMCB QOH 1P 100A 6KADiscontinuedno replacement
QO310EC10QOvs 3P 10A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO310VSC10
QO316EC10QOvs 3P 16A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO316VSC10
QO320EC10QOvs 3P 20A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO320VSC10
QO325EC10QOvs 3P 25A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO325VSC10
QO332EC10QOvs 3P 32A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO332VSC10
QO340EC10QOvs 3P 40A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO340VSC10
QO350EC10QOvs 3P 50A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO350VSC10
QO363EC10QOvs 3P 63A 10kA Type CDirect ReplacementQO363VSC10
QOH380XAUSMCB QOH 3P 80A 6KADiscontinuedno replacement
QOE110BO3QOE RCBO 1P+N 10A B 30mA 10kADirect ReplacementQO110B10RCBO30F
QOE116BO3QOE RCBO 1P+N 16A B 30mA 10kADirect ReplacementQO116B10RCBO30F
QOE120BO3QOE RCBO 1P+N 20A B 30mA 10kADirect ReplacementQO120B10RCBO30F
QOE132BO3QOE RCBO 1P+N 32A B 30mA 10kADirect ReplacementQO132B10RCBO30F
QOE140BO3QOE RCBO 1P+N 40A B 30mA 10kADirect ReplacementQO140B10RCBO30F