Video: Basic setup of a CM2000 series meter from the front panel


29 September 2021

Setting up the CM2000 (Front Panel)

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CM2000 meters

Front panel setup

The following procedure describes how to setup the CM2000 series meter from the front panel.

The following video depicts the process of accessing the meter setup mode and modifying the CT/PT ratios and communications settings.

Below is a description of the procedure to enter the meter setup mode and make configuration changes.
  1. Press the Mode button to change the Mode to Setup.

  2. When Config appears on the display, press the PHASE [Enter] button.

  3. When P ---- appears, enter the password by pressing the blue arrows.
    By default, the password is 0000.

  4. Press PHASE [Enter] button.
    The meter is now in setup mode, and the red LED next to AMMETER (A) [CT Primary] will blink.

  5. Press the PHASE [Enter] button to select a configuration item. The red LED next to the selected configuration item will blink.

  6. Press the SELECT METER [Value] buttons to increase or decrease the displayed value until the desired value is displayed.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all desired configuration changes have been made.

  8. When all desired changes have been made, press the MODE button once.
    The red LED next to K-FACTOR [Accept] will blink. The circuit monitor display will read NO, and the red LEDs next to the changed items will be lit.

  9. Accept or reject the changes.
    To reject the changes, press the PHASE [Enter] button once.
    To accept the changes, press the SELECT METER [Value] button to change from NO to YES, then press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor will go through its restart procedure, indicating that the changes were made.

For more information on the configuration items, see Chapter 5 of the CM2000 Installation and Operation Manual.

Note: The circuit monitor requires that the current transformers (CT) have a 5 amp secondary and the
voltage transformers (PT) have a 120 volt secondary. The primary current and voltage transformer
ratings are entered into the circuit monitor from the front panel to ensure that the correct meter
readings are provided. If the neutral current is also being metered, the primary rating of the current
transformer (CT) used for the neutral current would also be entered into the circuit monitor from the
front panel.

The ratings for the current and voltage transformers can be found on the one-line diagrams of the
switchgear in which the circuit monitors were installed. If the circuit monitor installation was a retrofit,
then the current and voltage transformer ratings will be included with the documentation used to order

*Note: the external sync pulse input via IOM module input S1 can be enabled by setting demand
interval to zero minutes