What is the basic ATV12 Modbus setup?


03 July 2023

ATV12 Modbus set up.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV12


Needs Modbus setup assistance.

Conf enter
Full enter
CON enter
ADD= Modbus address 1 thru 127
Tbr= network speed baud rate 19.2
tFO= Format 8E1
trO= Timeout 10 seconds
Writing speed in RPM’s
CMD word is 8601 is the start and stop
LFRD speed set point 8602 is Frequency reference in RPM’s
Writing speed in HZ’s
CMD word is 8501 is the start and stop
LFRD speed set point 8502 is Frequency reference in HZ

Reading drive status and output speed
ETA Status Word 8603 monitoring motor speed in RPMs
ETS Status Word 8501 monitoring motor speed in HZ

To start the drive you write a Decimal value 6,  then 7 then 15 to word 8601 or 8501  (Check for offset in Server  controller)
Speed Freq  in HZ, Write value to 8502. Speed in RPM, Write value to 8602.
The Modbus Registers are 4X or 40X Holding registers.