Liquid Charging an InRow 600mm Refrigerant Based System


05 August 2022

This document describes how to preform Liquid Charging an InRow 600mm Refrigerant Based System
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ACRP1xx, ACRD5xx
All Serial Numbers
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A solid foundation in air conditioning and refrigeration principles is crucial to the proper installation of our equipment and failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.

NOTE: Pressurize the system to 1724 kPa (250 psi) with nitrogen. Leave the system pressurized for 24 hours (recommended), and check the gauges for a drop in pressure.
NOTE: Due to the refrigeration components used such as check valves and solenoid valves, be sure to pull the vacuum from the suction, discharge and service port when evacuating the refrigeration system.

1) Close the valves on low-/high-pressure sides of the manifold gauge.
2) Install the low-/high-pressure hoses to the corresponding service ports on the vehicle respectively.
3) Connect the center hose of the manifold gauge set with the vacuum pump.
4) Carefully open the valves on the low-/high-pressure sides and service port (RP10x & RD50x) to activate the vacuum pump.
5) Pull a final vacuum down to 300 microns for a minimum of 2 hours.
Caution Image

6) Calculate the total charge needed. Indoor Unit Charge + Liquid Line Charge + Condenser Charge = Total Charge
7) Charge with liquid, preferably at the outdoor receiver, until the system pressure equalizes with the refrigerant canister.
     a. Apply the charge into the service port (RP10x & RD50x) on the equipment service bracket.
     b. Purge the refrigerant hoses and manifold set.

NOTE: There are no low pressure switches, just a low pressure transducer so you will probably go off on suction pressure quite often.  Keep the process going. 
NOTE: Perform a slow charge to avoid compressor damage