What is the part number of the cable used for communication between TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card and other RS485 device.


30 September 2021

TSXSCPCM4030 cable is required from TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card to the Modbus branching device TSXSCA50 for connecting other RS485 device on the Modbus Network.


In case TSXSCA50 Modbus branching device is not used, you can connect this cable directly to Modbus RS 485 device. For this you have to connect Green/White (Green wire with White Strips) and White/Green (White wire with Green strips) wires to the Tx (Transmit) and Rx (Receive) pins respectively of the RS 485 Port of the Modbus device.


Refer attachment for the pin out details of this cable for different connections.