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    Choose the type of Clipsal experience that suits your needs - whether you're planning a major renovation or building your dream home, we've got the answer to your home electrical questions.

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    ClipSpec Consultations

    These are our top of the line experience centres where you can go to touch and feel our full range of products. In both the State based Powerhouses and the SA Clipsal Showroom, you’ll find dedicated staff to help you plan your home electrical needs and answer all of your questions. Feel free to walk into the SA Clipsal Showroom to have a look around and then make an appointment in the showroom or at the Powerhouse for a Clipspec Consultation to discuss your home electrical plan. If you’re not in South Australia then please make an appointment to visit your local Powerhouse for your personal tour and Clipspec Consultation.


    These are Clipsal displays that are hosted within an electrical wholesaler, showcasing a range of our premium products - in a dedicated consumer friendly area. They also feature working demonstrations of our home automation solutions and Clipspec Consultations are available in the branch, by appointment.


    These Clipsal displays are also hosted within a dedicated area of an electrical wholesaler and showcase a range of our premium products. Clipspec Consultations are not available in the branch. Some branches are open on Saturday – please check before visiting.


    These Clipsal displays are hosted within an electrical wholesaler and showcase a selected range of our products. Friendly staff are on hand to answer your questions and some branches are open on Saturday mornings. For opening hours and specific product information, please check with the branch before visiting.

    Please note that you cannot buy products through Clipsal Powerhouses.

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The best way to see what Clipsal electric products can do for your home is seeing them in action at a Clipsal Display Centre.

Product stock may vary according to location. If you're after a specific product range, please check with your chosen location before visiting.

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    Expert Advice


    Need a little more help and advice?

    Electrician, Bec Sparky shares ideas and innovative electrical solutions to help with your build.

    Experience our products for yourself


    Stories of Interior Designers


    Art Eureka and FlexArt - designing across the Globe

    Experience our products for yourself

    Visit a Clipsal Showroom



    Essential questions to ask yourself before planning your home’s electrical requirements

    Want to buy Clipsal products?


    Think Power. Save Money.

    Don't let energy prices hold you back from comfort.

    Combat rising energy consumption and costs without sacrificing your lifestyle with products that provide comfort, convenience, safety and security for your home.


    Plastic isn’t your only option when it comes to selecting light switches and outlet covers. Today, these electrical fittings are made with a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, glass, stone, marble, laminate, leather, and stainless steel.

    Wiser Link works with your lifestyle, it’s like having your own personal energy coach that monitors your power, gas and water consumption in your home so you can understand how and when you are using excess energy. Take control of your energy consumption and reduce those costly energy bills.

    Personalise your electrical fittings

    Before you purchase any new light switches or outlet covers, do a walk through inspection of your home. Think about what styles, colors, and finishes will complement each room’s decor or mood. Also think about how the lights will be used in each room so you can select the appropriate switch design.

    Stylish, well-crafted switches and outlets are an integral part of your home’s interior decor. Keep these considerations top of mind when shopping, and your electrical fittings are sure to light up your home.

    For more information and advice

    Download our Magazine

    What’s the point of a budget?

    Budgeting is the foundation of any renovation or building a new home but you shouldn’t look at budgets as the killer of dreams. A proper design (new or renovation) can add value to your property, improve your lifestyle and even save you money in the long run with new energy efficient technology. They are not the be all and end all but can actually help you in the long run.

    They can help when it comes to setting your goals, making those tough decisions and give you some control over the project. When budgeting you should consider how much money you have available, how much you will need to borrow or, if you are planning on selling, how much profit can you make from this renovation.

    When you first start thinking about planning your budget, it can be hard to know where to start so make sure you do your research. Some factors to consider when creating your budget include:

    • The main costs that will be involved.
    • Areas are you renovating.
    • Seek advice and multiple quotes so you have an idea what you are in for.
    • Check if there are any restrictions
    • Where will you live during the time of the renovation
    • Speak to your bank if you require a loan or change your mortgage

    Electrical Checklist

    To help save you time with your home electrical design, download the checklist. Allocate all the electrical accessories you want for each room, choose your style and which configuration you need.

    Download the Checklist (PDF: 1.1MB)

    For advice or to book a Clipspec™ Electrical Design Consultation


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    Learn from experts in their fields from electricity savings to interior design. 

    Could you live in a house with no bills?

    Imagine the future where you live in a home that texts you when you have used too much power or have the air-con turned on before you get home but most importantly, you won’t have to pay a cent!

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    Top tips for saving on your electricity bill

    Learn how to cut thousands from your summer electricity bills with top tips from experts in the field. 

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    Winter is well and truly here. While it’s easy to throw washing in the dryer, crank up the heater and get out the electric blanket, this leaves us with a fat bill on our doorstep as the season passes.

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    How to set and stick to your budget

    Budgets can be tricky things to manage but check out these articles that can help you scope out your budget and stick to it!

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    Clipsal Clipspec Consultations

    Whether you’re building or renovating, Clipspec™ Electrical and Lighting Planning will give you the inspiration and answers to any questions, and make your home a dream home! After one meeting, you’ll leave armed with loads of inspiration, and a detailed electrical and lighting plan. The included bill of materials also itemises pricing, so you can discuss your project in detail with your electrical contractor or builder.

    Learn more about Clipspec





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