Stylish smart living

Stylish smart living

How electric home design can add effortless luxury

Today’s homes play many roles in our lives: a place where families make memories, a private sanctuary, and it can even double as a workplace.

For innovative design and build company Futureflip, that makes electric home design an important part of their luxury new home and custom duplex builds in the Sydney and South NSW Coast region.


Modern living made easy 

Futureflip’s recent Salisbury project in Waverley saw them create two contemporary detached Scandi-barn silhouette homes. The western home features a soft, coastal palette of whites and a breezeblock white brick façade, while the eastern home combines concrete and timber on the exterior.

Inside, both are spacious and airy with natural elements of oak, stone and marble and modern accents from black appliances throughout. Both properties also include luxury features such as pools, fireplaces and smart home automation.

Futureflip’s founding director, Neil Hipwell, says that tailoring a home to a client’s lifestyle is key. “We always ask clients about how they want to live so we can get a feel for how they want to control their home. What temperature do they like their house at when they come home from work? What light setting do they like? Then we can integrate all of that into the smart home system.”

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Streamlined living

With so many electrical features an essential part of daily life, having simple touch screen control of our homes can make living in them that much more enjoyable – as the owners of the Salisbury project homes have discovered.

“Clipsal Wiser Smart Home helps to save on energy bills, provides peace of mind and a really streamlined way of living,” says Neil. “It’s the perfect solution for people with busy lives.”