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Account and Home Management

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How do I change ownership of a home in the Wiser by SE app?

Ownership can be transferred to another Administrator within the home.

To do this go to Home Management > Select the desired Home > At the bottom of screen is Transfer Home Ownership (only viewable by current homeowner).

It can also be transferred via a redeem code - Home management > Tap on the home you wish to transfer > Transfer Home Ownership > Transfer Through Redeem Code > Toggle on the Redeem Code > Send Redeem code to next owner

How can I join a home via verification code (invitation via text message) ?

Click on "Home Management" -> Join a home -> Enter the invitation code.

Why can't I login using my mobile number or email?

You can log in with the phone number or email you used to sign up. If you want to log in using whichever of the two you didn't sign up with the details need to be added to your account.

This can be done by tapping the 3 bars at the top left, tapping on your account name, going to account and security and then adding in either the phone number or email that is missing.

Once added you will be sent a verification code to bind that email/phone number.

How do I find my account phone number or email so I can be added to a home?



This will be the phone number/email address that was used when registering an account. You can get this information from the starting screen and tapping the 3 bars then it will appear in the top left of the screen.

How do I invite a new member to a home with their Wiser by SE account?

Click on "Home Management" -> Add Member -> Select the Wiser by SE App ->

In the Name section put in a name for the member.

Under Account input the new member's account name which will be what they signed up with either phone number or email.

The new member can get this information from the starting screen and tapping the 3 bars it will be in the top left.

How can I invite a new member to a home?


Click on "Home Management" -> Add Member -> Select a suitable option to send the invitation.

Bluetooth (BLE) Functionality

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How do I change a switch mode to Timer mode? (BLE device only)

Select the device to go to the device page, go to settings and then select mode.

What are the differences between Timer and Run-on Timer function?

Timer: Set a timer, press the button to switch ON and at the same time, the timer will start to count down and switch off when the timer reaches zero 

Run-on Timer: Set a timer, press the button to switch ON then press the button to switch OFF, at this point the timer starts to count down and switch will turn off when the timer reaches zero 


Timer starts to count down when the device is press ON and will switch off when timer reaches Zero 

Timer only starts when device is press OFF and will switch off when timer reaches Zero. 

What is the difference between Timeclock and Timer BLE devices?

Timeclock has Schedule function, Timer does not have Schedule function 

Disconnection (disconnect time) - Bluetooth 

There are 3 different conditions  

1. When you exit the control panel and stay in the device list, the device will be disconnected after 30 seconds. 

2. In the control panel, if no operation has been detected, the device will disconnect after 5 min. 

3. If you run the app in the background or lock the screen, the Bluetooth will be disconnected immediately. 

Will my existing schedules in BLE devices get transferred over to Wiser by SE app?

Schedules created in the Wiser Room app will be stored in the device. Once user moves to Wiser by SE app and commissions the device, Wiser by SE app will read the schedules from the device and present them in the app. User can also create new schedules or edit the existing schedules from Wiser by SE app 

Zigbee Functionality

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LED Indicator (Backlight for Zigbee)

Can be Set in the App on the specific device page to - Always On, Always Off, Consistent with Load (On if the Load is on) or Reverse with Load (On if the Load is off). Reverse with Load is default setting. 

What is a 'Moment' and how do I trigger it?

A moment can be a single action or multiple actions. It is triggered via the Wiser by SE app by selecting the moment to activate or via voice commands if applicable. 

What is an 'Automation' and how do I trigger it?

Automation is a series of actions that will be triggered when the pre-set condition(s) is/are true. For example - If Motion Sensor changes state to occupied turn on Iconic Wiser Dimmer 1 

What is the difference between a Moment and an Automation?

An 'Automation' requires the status change of a device to trigger. 'Moments' need to be triggered by the user via App or voice control. Moments and Automations are only compatible with Zigbee connected devices (not Bluetooth). 


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Why is my device not turning ON/OFF at the prescribed time set in the schedule?

Go to your Home Settings and ensure your Home Location is set correctly.

If you have the schedule set for Sunrise and/or Sunset as this is not a specified time it can vary.

For BLE devices, you can go into your device Setting and Update time & date under Time Synchronization.

What does the Z at the end of the product codes in the Wiser offer mean?

The Z at the end of the product code indicates that this device comes in Zigbee mode initially. The product code without the Z indicates that the device is in BLE mode initially.

Will my timer settings transfer from Bluetooth to Zigbee?

No, they won’t transfer. These need to be set via the Automations tab in Zigbee mode.

What is the difference between Wiser Zigbee and Bluetooth device?

Wiser Zigbee devices communicate with a Hub which communicates with your phone or device via the cloud. This allows for quick connections to multiple devices for control. Bluetooth is a point to point connection where your phone connects to the device directly.

In the Wiser by SE App, why is my device/s (BLE/Zigbee) greyed out?

Check if you have changed the device/s from BLE to Zigbee mode. Once the mode is changed, the device will lose connection and require manual deletion.

Zigbee – Check your router is still powered and that the device still has power.

BLE – Check if you are in range of the device and does the device still have power.

How do I swap my devices from BLE (Bluetooth) to Zigbee?

On your devices you will need to do - 4 presses and hold on the 4th press for 20 seconds, at the 10 second point there will be a slow flashing red led and at the 20 second point it will flash rapidly, the release and allow time for the device to swap modes.

This method will allow swapping from BLE to Zigbee and Zigbee to BLE. The other method you can use is 12 presses on the device and then allow time for the device to swap to Zigbee. This will only work BLE to Zigbee.

Why am I seeing an option to add devices ‘with Hub’ when I only have BLE (Bluetooth) devices?

The Wiser by SE app supports both BLE and Zigbee devices. If you only have BLE devices, you should only select ‘Without Hub’ option and then select the devices you are adding.

What are the differences between Auto Scan and Add Manually?

Auto Scan scans for both Bluetooth (if this is selected) and Zigbee devices in pairing mode to add to the app. This can be used to add multiple devices at once with Zigbee (not recommended with BLE).

Add manually without Hub – search for Bluetooth devices in pairing mode.

Add manually with Hub – search for Zigbee devices in pairing mode.

Why can’t I control my Zigbee device through my Wiser Hub?

Check the internet connection on your modem. Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned on and connected.

How do I setup a schedule (for switches, sensor, socket)?

Click on device > Schedule > Select socket (skip this for switch/dimmer) > Add Schedule.

What do the LED indicators on the switches indicate?

When the button is pushed three times to enter pairing mode - flashing green is Zigbee and is already part of a Zigbee network.

Flashing Amber is Zigbee and is not part of any Zigbee network.

Green and Red flashing is BLE.

If mechanism is showing solid Amber, it is in Zigbee but is not part of any Zigbee network and is not in pairing mode.

Why can't I pair my device with the new Wiser by SE app.?

If you have existing BLE devices, the very first step is to connect your current BLE device using the Wiser Room App and check if your current device firmware needs upgrading. All devices firmware needs to be compatible before it can be use on the Wiser by SE App.

How can I check that I have the latest firmware for my device?

To check the firmware of a device in Wiser by SE, click on the device, click on the top right-hand pencil icon, click on Check for firmware update. It is recommended to switch on Auto Update.

What will happen if my phone disconnects from the device in the middle of firmware upgrade?

For both Zigbee and BLE, the device will retain its current firmware. You must reconnect to the device and update the firmware again.

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