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Network Connectivity Fundamentals Twisted Pair Standards and Conformance


The Clipsal Twisted Pairs Standards update Course provides the necessary understanding of the requirements for installers to apply for use of the Clipsal Quality plan for data sites and extended warranty.

Formal Training Time: The course is delivered via 3 x 2 hour online sessions and assists accredited data installers to understand all requirements prior to conducting any Clipsal site testing or applying for extended warranty on a Clipsal Data installation.

The course will also cover various standards updates for data installers thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of the online training team at VTI services.

Objectives and Content

The objective of this course is to provide a clear understanding of changes to the industry standards along with the correct testing of twisted pair installations; quickly address faults; and understand new test methods and requirements.

The Network Connectivity Fundamentals – Twisted Pair Standards and Conformance Testing Course will cover the following content:

  • Standards updates on the implementation of AS/NZS11801.x which replaces AS/NZS3080 – what’s changed
  • Conformance assessment requirements – what’s needed
  • Tests required, cause of faults and fault rectification methods – how to fix it
  • Cable types and selection criteria – what needs to be installed
  • Minimum requirements for common applications – what cable is needed for an application
  • Risk Minimisation – what are the risks
    • Fit for purpose obligation (S009)
    • Personal
    • Organisational
  • Emerging technologies – what’s new that maybe asked for
    • Modular plug terminated links
    • DC Resistance un-balanced
    • Disconnect underload
    • Service consolidation points (SCP)
  • Methods to address Alien Crosstalk without testing – meet the requirement without the work
  • Tester setup and practical – check that you know how

After successful completion of this training course, you have been recognised to have required skills to carry out testing and resolve issues to establish installation conformance for twisted pair installations.

A Certificate of Attendance will be award for successful candidates.


For a company to apply for extended data product warranty on a Clipsal Site the following must be completed:

  1. Completed “open cabler license” (industry training course with other training companies)
  2. Completed “structured cabling licence” (industry training course with other training companies)
  3. Completed the “Clipsal online twisted pairs course” (3 x 2 hour sessions online with VTI services for Clipsal SE) within the last 3 years
  4. Complete all testing and components according to the “Clipsal Quality Plan”
  5. Complete all testing using approved Fluke Tester (details provided in the VTI training sessions) and provide test results in original fluke testing file format, PDF copies for test results are not accepted.
    VTI services have created a data software that analyses the Fluke data test file and checks all results for the integrity of data links test information.
  6. When all site testing is completed please forward to brett.coppins@se.com, including the following:
    • Site test data in “FLW”  format
    • TCA1 completed form
    • Test equipment’s latest calibration certificate      

 Item 1 and 2 must have been completed prior to doing the twisted pairs course applying for a site warranty.
 All data installers must be “industry qualified” prior to attending the Clipsal Twisted Pairs training.

A misconception with some installers is that our twisted pairs course is a data certification training, our course is an addendum to compliment existing data qualifications.

Item 3 (Clipsal / VTI twisted pairs course) details various topics relating to the Clipsal Quality plan that we have created, including what the attending installers need to do to meet our quality plan requirements for the extended warranty and which Fluke testers are accepted for site results testing.

Upon successful completion of the Clipsal twisted pairs course, attendees are given a clipsal quality plan that details all points required prior to applying for ‘clipsal data site warranty’.

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Course dates: 9 April 2024, 16 April 2024, 23 April 2024