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Clipsal range of motion and occupancy sensors

The sixth sense in security, energy and efficiency

The Clipsal range of motion and occupancy sensors provide convenience and safety, while maximising energy efficiency and offering a true ‘hands free’ user experience.
Motion Sensors: Detect major movements, such as a person walking into area.
Occupancy Sensors: Designed to detect minor movements, such as a person typing.
The Clipsal range of sensors offer both standalone and system integrated sensor solutions for residential and commercial applications.

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Residential Applications


The Clipsal Motion sensors offer convenient hands free lighting control while saving you money on your energy bills. Ideal for WIR, pantry, entry, hall ways and more.

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Providing dual benefits of safety and security, the Outdoor Infrascan is designed tough to outlast in Australia’s harsh conditions.

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Modern Smart Connected Lounge Room

With Clipsal you're in control

The LED downlight and floodlight range are perfectly suited for use with the Clipsal Infrascan motion sensors offering superior efficiency and performance.

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Commercial Applications

Sensor in Cupboard

New Energy Efficiency requirements

As of May 2019 the energy efficiency requirements of the NCC2019 Volume One Section J have substantially increased, meaning the W/m2 allowance has dramatically reduced. The Clipsal range of motion and occupancy sensors will provide lighting control solutions to help meet the requirements.

Refer to the ABCB website for more detail on NCC2019 Section J


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Energy savings for large offices...

Clipsal offers a wide range for large offices, to ensure the needs of the workers are met. Our products can also help companies to save energy costs in the office, and help the environment - Such as the 752IR2RC; a wide range ceiling mounted sensor with dual output for lighting and HVAC control. The sensor detects movement over 30 metres, providing high sensitivity within the minor and major motion zones. Ideal for use in large open areas, lobbies, corridors, offices, libraries, conference rooms and reception areas.

For detection of fine movements Clipsal offers the 752/CD1RC or 752/CD2RC occupancy senors. For daylight harvesting and DALI dimming, the 752DALIRC and 752DALIS are a great solution for energy management

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...and for small offices

In small busy offices the Clipsal 360 motion sensors provide superior performance and energy savings, while being simple to install and adjust.

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C-Bus Sensors

Clipsal C-Bus 360 Degree, Indoor, Flush Ceiling Mount
Clipsal C-Bus 360 Degree, Occupancy/Light Level Sensor Surface Mount
Clipsal C-Bus 90 Degree PIR Occupancy Sensor, Corner Mount
Clipsal C-Bus 110 Degree PIR Occupancy Sensor

DALI Sensors

Clipsal PIR Motion Sensor, 30 Series Mech, Master
Clipsal 360 Degree Motion Sensor, Indoor, Flush Ceiling Mount