Clipsal RC10

Product Recall

Clipsal branded 10mA Socket Outlet with RCD and Service Panel 10mA RCD

What is the problem?

A small percentage of 10mA Clipsal plate and socket RCDs have been identified
that trip above the trip current as specified by Australian Standards.

The products are within date codes of 1st July 2017 to 15th October 2020.

What products are being recalled?

The products being recalled are Clipsal branded 10mA Socket Outlet with RCD and Service Panel 10mA RCD manufactured after 1st July 2017 and before 15th October 2020 with the below reference numbers:

             2025RC10 (DB, RD, WE, CM and BK)
             2031RC10 (DB, RD, WE and BG)
             2031VRC10 (WE and RD)
             C2025RC10 (BK, RD, WE and CM)
             ML2025RC10C (BG)
             ML2025RC10 (WE, RD and DB)
             ML2031RC10 (WE, RD, DB and BG)
             ML2031VRC10 (WE, RD, DB and BG)

What product will the potentially non-compliant product be replaced with?

The potentially non-compliant product will be replaced with the Clipsal RCD10 variants initially until new supplies for the RC10 variants can be obtained. The RCD10 references are equivalent to the RC10 references. Images of the RCD10 options are below:

Images of the RCD10 options

What are the affected products and the replacement products?

The list below provides the current and the replacement option where a replacement is available.

Installed Product             Alternative Product

ML2031VRC10-RD            ML2031RCD10-RD

ML2031RC10-RD               ML2031RCD10-RD

ML2031VRC10-WE           ML2031RCD10-WE

ML2031RC10-WE              ML2031RCD10-WE

ML2031VRC10-DB            ML2031RCD10-DB

ML2031RC10-DB               ML2031RCD10-DB

C2025RC10-WE                  C2025RCD10-WE

ML2025RC10-WE              ML2025RCD10-WE

ML2025RC10-RD               ML2025RCD10-RD

ML2025RC10C-BG            ML2025RCD10C-BG

2025RC10-WE                    2025RCD10-WE

ML2025RC10-DB               ML2025RCD10-DB

ML2031RC10-BG               No replacement available

ML2031VRC10-BG             No replacement available

2031RC10-RD                     2031RCD10-RD

2025RC10-RD                     2025RCD10-RD

2025RC10-BG                     2025RCD10-BG

2031VRC10-RD                  2031RCD10-RD

2031VRC10-WE                 2031RCD10-WE

2031RC10-WE                    2031RCD10-WE

C2025RC10-RD                   Can offer 2025RCD10-RD

2025RC10-DB                     2025RCD10-DB

2031RC10-DB                     2031RCD10-DB

2031RC10-BG                     No same colour available

2025RC10-BK                      No same colour available

C2025RC10-BK                   No same colour available

2025RC10-CM                    Can offer 2025RCD10-BG

C2025RC10-CM                 Can offer 2025RCD10-BG

How do I organise replacement products?

For wholesalers to return stock,  Contact Customer Support on 13 73 28 to arrange an RMA.

For contractors and end users, Contact Customer Support through 13 73 28 to log a case.

Customer Support will:

  • Request the name of the site, the number and references of the RCDs to be replaced.
  • Whether the contractor will replace themselves or require Schneider to organise a service agent.
  • If the contractor will replace themselves, a quote will need to be provided for the replacement of the product.

Are RCDs in medical panels also affected?

Yes if the RCD in the medical panel is within the specified timeframe of manufacture dates.

Who is paying for the replacement of the products?

Schneider Electric will provide the replacement product and pay all reasonable costs associated with replacement of the products.

Contact details for further information

Media Enquiries

Natalie Mina - 0414 850 455

Logging of Returns

Customer Support – 13 73 28

Request a Service Call

Customer Support – 13 73 28

Escalation of Customer Issues

Avalon Coetzer - 0439 777 085