Standard Series, Flush Plate, 3 Gang, Architrave

Standard Series, Flush Plate, 3 Gang, Architrave WE

Item Number: 33-WE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

Standard Series

Product brand


Product destination


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Fixing mode

by screws


without marking

Mounting position

horizontal and vertical

Fixing center

97 mm


112 mm


32 mm


11 mm

Number of gangs

3 gangs

Reach regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

Eu rohs directive

Compliant with Exemptions

Mercury free


Rohs exemption information


China rohs regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental disclosure


Circularity profile






Package 1 bare product quantity


Unit type of package 1


Number of units in package 1


Package 1 height

3.5 cm

Package 1 width

1.2 cm

Package 1 length

11.5 cm

Package 1 weight

20 g
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How can I connect SoMove to an Altivar Process drive via Ethernet TCP/IP or Profinet?

Connecting SoMove to the VFD using the Ethernet network connection.

Product Line:

Ethernet IP or Profinet option installed.
VW3A3316, VW3A3320, VW3A3627 VW3A3720

Drive is not detected when attempting to connect.

See attachment for screenshots showing SoMove V2.9.4

Turn OFF your computers firewall before starting so you will have access to your Ethernet port. 
somove Ethernet 32

Edit Connection on your computers ethernet port and setup IP address in the Altivar Drive using an HMI.
Computer or PC setup:
Example setting up your PCs IP address.
Search Ethernet settings
-Change adapter options
- Choose the Ethernet port you want to use.
-Choose Properties
-Make sure IPV4 and IPV6 are both checked. 
-Double click on the IPV4 settings
-Select "Use the following IP address" and now enter in an IP address for your PCs ethernet port. 
Note this IP address needs to match your Drives IP address up to the last octet. 
Drives IP address= (for the Drive) and your PC's IP address = (your computer)
Subnet address=
-Choose ok
Somove Ethernet 1

Drive Setup
Example set your Drives IP address using the remote HMI under the Ethernet settings in the programming. 
IP address= (for the Drive) 
Subnet address=
-Power cycle your Drive after changing the IP address 

Open up Somove 2.9.4 or newer and setup your "edit connection/scan" settings.
-Click on  "edit connection/scan"
-Choose Modbus TCP double click
-Choose the advanced settings (small gear wheel icon).
-Choose More
-Choose Scan tab
-Now type in your Drives IP address example  
-Choose Single Scan and enter 1 
-Apply and OK
-Ok again 
Somove Ethernet 2

-Now Scan for the Device to see if your PC finds the Drive. 
-double click on the picture of the drive to connect and load from the device.

Somove Ethernet 3

NOTE: If your Drives ATV630 or ATV930 Firmware is version V3.3IE or above it will now include cyber security features and you will have to enter a password before connecting to the drive other Ethernet or Profinet. You can find this unique password on your HMI under the Communications menu, Embedded Ethernet configuration, and find SECE.  SECE select OK on the HMI and then select WDPE and press ok.  Your will now see your unique password example "iY^Nm9cV"
This password is temporary and will need to be changed and remembered.

The USERNAME: ADMIN (all caps)
The Password: iY^Nm9cV (for this example only) 

FAQ cyber security 1

FAQ cyber security 1a

FAQ cyber security 1n

Please read and understand before checking OK. 

Somove ethernet 4

Somove is loading settings from the Drive to your Somove on your PC. 

somove ethernet 5b

Your are now connected to the Drive when the bar across the top turn's orange. 

Somove Ethernet 6a

Please be aware that you will be required to enter a password when you connect via Ethernet or Profinet if your Process Drive is version V3.3IE or higher so if you live in an area or work for a company that does not require or mandate having a password for Ethernet or Profinet for cyber security you can disable the feature if desired.  Otherwise leave the feature active which can offer the best cyber security. 

FAQ cyber security 1b



This example should work using. 
-Ethernet TCP
-Ethernet IP



Where can I find programming assistance for setting up Ethernet TCP/IP on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

Setting up Ethernet TCP/IP on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71


Ethernet TCPIP manual VW3A3310D

You can find ethernet configuration assistance in the ATV61/71 Ethernet TCPIP manual 30072-452-37

Why is the LCD display screen blank on a Micrologic Power or Harmonic type trip unit on a Powerpact P frame, R frame, or Masterpact circuit breaker?

Why is the display blank on the trip unit?

Product Line:
Powerpact P frame, Powerpact R Frame, Masterpact NT, Masterpact NW

The LCD display on a Micrologic P or H trip unit will be blank unless the trip unit is energized.  Energization requires one of the following sets of conditions:
  1. The trip unit is energized by an external 24 Vdc applied to terminals F1-F2 (F1 negative-F2 positive).  See attachment for location of terminals.
  2. The trip unit is energized by an FFTK or HHTK test kit
  3. There is at least 100 V between two phases, AND the load reaches approximately 20% of the breaker's rated current.
  • Note that the display will not power up with primary injection testing unless one of the conditions in bullet 1 above is met.
  • Note that Ammeter trip units do not require external power and the display will come on with sufficient current flow alone.
See the following bulletins for more information on these trip units.

What is the difference between S33595 full function test kit and S33594 hand-held test kit

Product Line:
Circuit Breaker Test Set

HHTK - The S33594 hand-held test kit will test the trip function of the breaker and may be used for inhibiting ground fault and thermal imaging, and enable zone selective interlocking (ZSI) self restraint during primary injection testing.

FFTK - The S33595 full function test kit will test LSIG functions as well as the same functions as listed above.

Additional details below:
Test kit descriptions

Video: How do you wire a neutral CT to a PowerPacT P or R frame or a MasterPact NT/NW breaker?

Product Line:
Wiring Neutral Current Transformer to PowerPact P- & R-Frame or Masterpact NT/NW

There are different neutral CTs for the breakers based on the ampere rating of the breaker. Use the following installation bulletins to show how to wire it to the breaker.
  • For Masterpact NT and PowerPacT P, refer to 48049-273-04 .
  • For Masterpact NW and PowerPacT R, refer to 48049-222-04 .
  • Another installation bulletin that is useful is the NCTWIRING bulletin, 48041-082-03 .

The following is an example of neutral CT wiring for PowerPacT P and R, as well as MasterPact NT and NW (W frame).
Shown below is a neutral CT catalog number S33576, wired to a Micrologic trip unit in a PowerPacT P frame circuit breaker.

. NCT Wiring Example

NCT wiring example 2


Will the Compact NSX breaker be for sale in the USA or Canada?

Where can I buy a Compact NSX breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

There are no plans for a general release of the Compact NSX breaker line in North America, since the NSX is not UL Listed to UL489 (UL 489 is the standard commonly required in the US). In the US, the PowerPacT circuit breakers should be used (PowerPacT breakers are UL, CSA, and IEC rated).

For support on these breakers, Please see the following link to Global Operations where you can select other countries:

What is the part # for a clear plastic bezel for a ZB4BW31, ZB4BW32, ZB4BW33 ZB4BW34, ZB4BW35, ZB4BW36, ZB4BW37 ?

What is the part # for a clear plastic bezel for a ZB4 illuminated push buttons (incandescent type)?

Product Line:
Push Buttons and Operator Interface

ZB4 Illuminated push buttons

Product selection

Use a W415595280111

What is the difference between A9D32620 and A9D33620 RCBO Acti 9 devices?


A9D33620 = SI (Super Immunised)
A9D32620 = Type A (AC or pulsating DC)
Type A RCBO = Tripping is ensured for residual sinusoidal alternating currents and residual pulsating direct currents, whether suddenly applied or slowly rising.
Type Si RCBO = With all the features of a Type A device, “Si” type Super Immunised earth leakage protection range has been specially developed to be used with loads or in environments causing disturbances. Examples are lightning or switching surges, harmonics generated by increasing number of loads and constant load leakage current from electronic ballasts, speed drives, computers, etc. The Si increases safety and allows improved continuity of supply.

Where are the wiring diagrams for undervoltage trips (MN) and shunt trips (MX) for the PowerPacT breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

There are two terminals on the UVR and the shunt trip accessories to which the control wires are attached (polarity does not matter).
  • The shunt trip will trip the circuit breaker if control voltage is applied across the two shunt trip terminals.
  • The undervoltage trip will trip the circuit breaker if control voltage is removed from the two undervoltage trip terminals.
Here are links to the instruction bulletins for the shunt trips and undervoltage trips of the PowerPacT breakers
PowerPacT H, J, and L document 48940-229-01
PowerPacT M, P, and R document 48049-245-03

What is the difference between the VW3A3310 and the VW3A3310D Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP option cards?

VW3A3310 with a "D" on the end of the part number.

Product Line:
ATV71 and ATV71

All models and serial numbers


The "D" on the end of the VW3A3310D indicates it is equipped for daisy chain and has dual RJ45 connectors.  A network cable can go into one RJ45 and out the other to connect to the next drive in the network.  The VW3A3310 has only one RJ45 port.

How can a BCM module programmed for 2w Modbus be used on a 4w modbus communication system?

Applying BCM programmed for 2 wire modbus to a 4 wire modbus system

Product Line:
Powerpact P/R and Masterpact NT/NW breakers with modbus communications

  1. With a newer Micrologic P or H trip unit, you may reprogram the BCM module to 4w.  This requires Micrologic trip unit firmware version 2010AK or newer.
  2. If the trip unit does not have this option or if it is an A trip unit, you may use a 2w to 4w converter, like CNV-100. See the attached instruction bulletin for more details.
  3. Schneider sales offices can also order a BCM programmed for 4w Modbus. Order the module number, 33106, in Q2C with a note that you want it programmed for 4w Modbus.
    BCM 33106 profile is available only on Q2C Tool. Contact regional field offices to support order submission for customers who are unable to access Q2C.

What is the wattage on the DL1BA and DL1BL bulbs used in the XVA indicating banks?

What is the power in watts on the DL1BA and DL1BL  bulbs used in the XVA indicating banks?

Product Line:
Harmony Tower Lights

Harmony XB4/ZB4 Metal Push Buttons

Product Features

AC or DC
2.5W 12V DL1BA012
4W 24V DL1BA024
6.5W 24V DL1BL024
4W 48V DL1BA048
7W 110V DL1BA110
7W 120V DL1BL120
5W 160V DL1BA160
6W 260V DL1BA260

How does a drawout Masterpact NW breaker report its position in the cradle? (Connected, Test, or Disconnected)

How is the cradle position indicated for NW breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Cradle position is monitored mechanically and specific blocks on the top rail can be fitted with actuator mechanisms to indicate the 3 different states.
The cradle comes standard with 3 actuators each of the following (blocks not standard):
Cradle position example
CD - indicates the disconnected position. This position is indicated when the required clearance for isolation of the power and auxiliary circuits is reached.
CE - indicates the connected position.
CT - indicates the test position. In this position, the power circuits are disconnected and the auxiliary circuits are connected.
Specific contact blocks must be used in these positions, S33170 (push in type) or S48929 (ring terminal type).
Instructions for adding/replacing here .

These are the possible combinations available to provide cradle position status;
Cradle switch table
Replacement part number of the actuators included with the cradle is S48560.
Instructions here.

Video: How do you install an option card on the Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

Trying to install an option card on a ATV61 and ATV71 drive. 

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 drives




Remove the front display cover by pushing down on the two tabs on the top of the drive.
Once the front cover has been removed you can now install your serial communications card or extended IO card.
Once the Option card has been installed you can not reinstall the front cover by pushing down on the cover until  you hear it click into place. 

Where can I download the EDS files for the Ethernet IP, Devicenet, CANopen, or EtherCAT?

Where can I download the EDS files for the Ethernet IP card?

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71, ATV32, ATV Process


Use this link to access the Global website where EDS files are available for download.  Be sure to download the EDS file that matches your Drive and Product Version.

You will need to find out your drive's product version to choose the correct EDS file.

Example:  In the ATV61 or ATV71; go to menu 1.11 in the drives menu enter
find the product Vxxxxxxxxx 

This product version will need to be the version of the EDS file you download for that specific drive.

What alternatives are there for SP333E models? What is the migration path?


The SP333E was developed in 2013 as a special RTU model targeting the WWW industry. It is similar to the widely used SP334E. With the introduction of the SCADAPack 470 & 474, it is expected that the the SP333E will no longer be sold after 30th June 2021, since the new SP47x RTUs are more cost effective and are the latest series of RTUs. There are two simple and clear migration paths from the SP333E.

Note that all other SCADAPack 3xx models (such as the SP334E, SP357E, etc.) will continue to be commercially available for a period of at least 2 more years (as of March 2021).

Product(s) concerned

SCADAPack SP333E, all part numbers starting with and covered by TBUP333-Exxx-xxxxx


Substitution and Upgrade / Migration Paths for replacing the SP333E:

A.   Short-to-medium-term approach (Least Disruptive to the user):
Users can continue with the SCADAPack E-Series platform by simply substituting SP334E in place of SP333E. The SP333E is a subset of the SP334E and shares the same mechanical and electrical connections footprint. This makes substitution ultra-easy as this approach does not require any change to the existing SP333E Configuration files. The Schneider Electric R&D team have incorporated this modification to minimise any short-term inconvenience to present users of the SP333E; see details below:

To ensure continued, E-Configurator v8.18.1 adds a feature that allows the SCADAPack 334E to directly accept a configuration built for a SCADAPack 333E Smart RTU. This feature allows the SCADAPack 334E to be used as a drop-in replacement for the SP333E without the need to update and maintain new RTU configuration files or IEC 61131-3 logic (WorkBench6). 

As mentioned earlier, from a hardware product perspective, the SP334E will continue to be commercially available  for a period of at least 2 more years. 

Examples of direct drop-in substitutions:
TBUP333-Ex5x-ABx0S  (Existing 333E Part Number)    >     Continue on E-Series platform    >    TBUP334-Ex5x-ABx0S (Substitute 334E Part Number)

B.    Medium-to-longer-term term approach (Most Beneficial to the user):
Users can upgrade to the recently released SP474 SCADAPack device which is based on the proven and highly beneficial RemoteConnect Software platform.

The SP474 shares the same mechanical and electrical connections footprint as the SP333E, but additionally provides many more IOs, Serial Comms & Ethernet ports in the same package; and this is being offered at a considerably lower price point. This upgrade makes technical and economic sense  - a low-hanging fruit. 

Programs developed in WorkBench / IsaGraf for the logic execution on the SP333E will need to be rewritten using the Modicon Control Expert (UnityPro) Logic, which is an intrinsic part of the RemoteConnect Software. This RemoteConnect Software is a single integrated tool that is used for both Configuration and Logic Programming of the SCADAPack 474 RTU and is available to users at no cost.

This option is definitely the recommended path as it provides major benefits with minimal disruption. This platform is being developed further and going forward, users can readily expect the following benefits with this upgrade:
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity suite of features
  • Remotely program 3rd party devices connected to the SP474 through the DTM library
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 15-year lifespan followed by a 7 year support period
  • Compelling features planned for release in late 2021 include modular IOs, Hot Standby RTU Redundancy, Web browsing,  and more...!
Examples of upgrade / migration part numbers for the SP474:
TBUP333-Ex5x-ABx0S (Existing 333E Part Number)      >       Upgrade to RemoteConnect x70 platform (free of charge)        > TBUP474-UC50-BB00S  (Substitute 474 Part Number)

See diagram below to assist further with SP333E to SP474 footprint and connections matching:

Is the undervoltage release (UVR or MN) for the Powerpact M, P, and R frame breakers kiss free?

If the UVR is not energized, will the main contacts touch when an attempt is made to close the breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

They are kiss free. If the undervoltage trip is not energized, it is impossible to close the circuit breaker either manually or electrically. An attempt to close the circuit breaker produces no movement of the main contacts.

What is the catalog number for the green 12-pin connector for Micrologic trip units on Powerpact P and R frame breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Electrical Distribution Equipment

The trip unit connector is catalog number S33100. It includes terminal identification markings.

Where can I find Modbus Plus configuration assistance for the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

Looking for the Modbus Plus manual for the ATV61 and ATV71 drives.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 ATV71


Modbus Plus network assistance.

You can find Modbus Plus configuration assistance in the attached manual  "atv71_modbusplus_en_V1"

Where can I find cable information on the VW3A3307 profibus option card?

Looking for cable information on the VW3A3307 profibus option card?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 ATV71


Needs to know what kind of cable goes with the VW3A3307 profibus option card.

See the cable data sheet below.
sheet 1


Where can I find programming assistance to set up an ATV61/ATV71 drive with an VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card using assemblies 21 and 71?

Setup VW3A3316 on ATV61/71 using assemblies 21 and 71.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 with VW3A3316 option card


Basic set up assistance on using the Ethernet IP VW3A3316 card on the ATV61 or ATV71 drive.

First, make sure that the Ethernet scanner module is set up for assemblies 21 and 71
Assembly 21= (output table) 2 words (4 bytes)
Assembly 71= (Input table) 2 words (4 bytes)

Drive program has to be as follows ( there are no exceptions when using these assemblies ):
Menu 1.6
Ref 1 channel = com card
Profile = Separate
CMD switching = C312
CMD channel 1 = com card
CMD channel 2 = terminal mode
Ref 2 switching = C313
Ref 2 channel 2 = AI1 or AI2 (do not leave this blank)

Commands to start the drive will be bits 0, 5 and 6   or HEX 0061  or DEC 97
Speed command is in RPMs and is the 2nd word in the output table. 

What are the part numbers of the Masterpact NT padlock attachment and padlockable Open/Close push button cover?

What is the part number of the Masterpact NT padlock attachment and padlockable Open/Close push button cover?

Product Line:
Masterpact NT breakers

There are 2 options available to use a padlock to lock a Masterpact NT breaker in the Open/Off position. They are padlock attachment S47514 and padlockable Open/Close push button cover S33897.

What is the clear cover that goes over the open/close buttons on the Masterpact NT/NW breaker?

Push button cover for Masterpact Circuit Breaker

Product Line:
Air Circuit Breaker

The padlockable Open/Close push button cover for NT breakers is catalog number S33897 and for NW breakers, it is S48536

Picture showing the padlockable push button covers

What components of the ATS48 are conformal coated in the standard unit and is there an option available for additional conformal coating?

ATS48 conformal coated components

Product Line:
ATS48 series soft starts

All models of ATS48 and ATS48XXXXXS338

Information not available in current literature.


Standard ATS48 version has:
- most of the elements of control board coated (except relays, display, some capacitors)
- some of the elements (IC's and others) of power board coated.
This standard coating makes the ATS48 conformed to the environment standard: IEC 60664-1, Pollution Degree 3.
These unit are available in the United States

Special ATS48 version (you can order it by the reference with S338 at the end, ex.: ATS48C25YS338 ) has:
- enforced conformal coating.
This special ATS48xxxxS338 version conforms to: IEC60721-3-3 class 3C1 for aggressive ambience.
These units has NOT been released for sale in the United States

Micrologic X trip unit displays ‘Critical hardware modules discrepancy - 0x0D00 (3328)’ alarm. What are the recommended actions?

Regarding the 'Critical hardware modules discrepancy' alarm, please see the below details from the Micrologic X User Guide (DOCA0102EN). You can find more details in the MTZ User Guide (DOCA0101EN).


As you can see, you can check this using EcoStruxure Power Commission software (EPC).
Please see that attached instructions from EPC Help and the small example video showing how to access the firmware details in the EPC.


Can the Micrologic X internal battery (LV833593SP) be replaced while breaker is energised?

Please see the below information from the LV833593SP Instruction Sheet.


The internal battery is dedicated to the supply of the trip causes LEDs and the internal clock, and there is no effect to the protection setting of the breaker.
Please see below description from the Masterpact MTZ Catalogue.

Video: Why am I unable to reset the circuit breaker on my Rack PDU?


My Rack PDU or Rack ATS circuit breaker will not reset or there and/or there is no power output.

Product Line
  • Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Models
    • AP95XX
    • AP75XX
    • AP78XX
    • AP79XX
    • AP86XX
    • AP88XX (select models)
    • AP89XX (select models)
    • AP84XX (select models)
  • Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Models
    • AP7731
    • AP7732
    • AP7753

  • All serial numbers
  • Scenarios where one or more groups of outlets are not supplying output power


A problem has been observed with certain Rack PDU and ATS models that contain rocker-style breakers. Customers are being advised, or are assuming that the Rack PDU is broken because the circuit breaker cannot be reset. All of these devices have multi-position circuit breakers that allow the breaker to trip to a mid-trip position due to overload.

The mid-trip option is intentional and a good feature. It makes it possible, in normal operation, to distinguish between a strip that has overloaded a circuit and tripped its circuit breaker and a circuit breaker that has been intentionally opened. The former case results in a circuit breaker that is half-way open (mid-trip), and somewhat hard to just simply reset (this is deliberate). The latter case shows an actuator that is fully up/out and easy to reset.

It is also possible that jolts and vibrations from shipping can be sufficient to cause the circuit breakers to go the mid-trip position.


In order to reset the breakers from the mid-trip position, you must set them to the fully off/tripped position before resetting the breaker. There is a small guard hole below the breaker. You can use a small screwdriver to push the breaker into the fully off/tripped position allowing it to be reset.

The video available below and attachment to this knowledge base article provides detailed instructions on resetting the circuit breaker when it has gone to a mid-trip position.

How do you change the carrier switching frequency in an ATV66 drive?

Change the carrier switching frequency in an ATV66 drive

Product Line:
Altivar ATV66


Needs to change the switching frequency because of motor noise.

The only way to change carrier frequency is to go from CT or VT to VTLN or NOLD in menu 7.13.
There is no separate parameter available for switching frequency adjustment.
Refer to the ATV66 user manual VD0C06S305C  page 61.

CTA-ID : 2018068

How do you change the ATV61 BACnet device name?

BACnet device name change

Product Line:
ATV61 drives with VW3A3315 or VW3A3319 BACnet option card.

ATV61 drives with BacNet option card

The object name that holds the device name can not be modified and always is ATV61.

The ATV61 Bacnet cards (VW3A3315 or VW3A3319) produced after November 2014 have Firmware version V1.1ie09. 
This version automatically assigns the device name to ATV61, followed by the 3 digit address set by the DIP switches on the option card (called the MAC address).
As long as there are no duplicate addresses, there will not be any duplicate names.

Prior to this firmware release, it was not possible to change the device name for the ATV61.
For older versions,  the workaround is to assign a device name directly to the drive via the 7 [Display Config] -- 7.1 [User parameters] -- [device Name].
This name will appear in the BACnet controller under Deivce Object Type -- "descripition".  Please check the attached example screen capture.

Video: What is minimum firmware version required for the ATV71 or ATV61 to use the VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card?

What is minimum firmware version required for the ATV71 or ATV61 to use the VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card?

Product Line:

ATV71 & ATV61 have minimum firmware required to use the VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card

This communication option card is fully supported with the version V1.5 IE 13 and above of the Altivar 61 firmware. This communication option card is only supported with the version V1.6 IE 19 and above of the Altivar 71 firmware. Specific versions of the Altivar 71 firmware are not supported.

Are EasyPact MVS circuit breakers for sale in the USA or Canada?

Where can I buy a EasyPact MVS breaker?

Product Line:
EasyPact MVS circuit breakers

There are no plans for a general release of the EasyPact MVS circuit breaker line in the US.

What is the part numbers for Masterpact NT/NW finger clusters and grease?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers
Masterpact NT/NW

Finger cluster (each): S33166
Cluster grease (12 oz. tube): S48899

Where can I find programming assistance to set up an ATV61/ATV71 drive with an VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card using assemblies 20 and 70?

Set up an ATV61/ATV71 drive with an VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card using assemblies 20 and 70?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 with Ethernet VW3A3316 option card.


Needs to set up an ATV61 drive with Ethernet IP card to use Assemblies 20 and 70.

PLC's Ethernet scanner module needs to be configured as follows
Assembly 20  2 words or 4 bytes (output table)
Assembly 70  2 words or 4 bypes (input table)
Configuration size 6
Single INT

Drives programming needs to be excactly like this there are no exceptions
Menu 1.6
Command menu
Reference 1 channel = Com card or NET
Profile= Seperate control
Command swtiching= C312
Command channel 1= Com card or NET
Command channel 2= terminal control
Reference 2 swtiching= C313
Reference 2 channel= AI2 or AI1 ( you choose)

Menu 1.7
Ref 1b switching = channel 1 active (applies only to the ATV61)

See the tables below for the assembly mapping for the Command word and for reading the ETA status.

Addtional important information about setting the speed referece from the network.


Masterpact breaker passes all FFTK tests except for ground fault, yet produces error codes on the trip unit; what is the problem?

Masterpact NW

Find out if this breaker is used in a MDGF (Modified Differential Ground Fault) system. If so, disconnect wire going to M1 on the secondary block and retest. M1 enables MDGF and disables residual GF, and removing it puts the breaker back into residual mode where it can be tested with the FFTK.

Can the Micrologic FFTK (Full Function Test Kit) be repaired?

Product Line:
Micrologic test equipment

Electrical Distribution Equipment

Yes, the FFTK can be repaired in most cases. Have the distributor contact Customer Service for a "Return for Repair" RMA and send it back.
(see internal FA289579)

What is the minimum firmware revision of an ATV71 series drive that is compatible with firmware revision V1.1IE04 of the devicenet card part number VW3A3309?

ATV71 firmware revision compatibility with V1.1IE04 of the devicenet card VW3A3309.

Product Line:
Altivar 61 and Altivar 71 series drives.

All part numbers, All serial numbers.

Some firmware updates are not backwards compatible with legacy versions of current drives.

The minimum control card firmware of an Altivar 61 / 71 series drive that is compatible with revision 1.1IE04 of devicenet card VW3A3309 is 1.1IE04.  Previous firmware revisions of the control card are not compatible with this devicenet card.

What are the replacement contacts and diaphragm part numbers for a 9013FHG pressure switch?

9013FHG pressure switch repair kit

Product Line:
Commercial Pressure Switches

Type F—Pumptrol™ Water Pump Pressure Switches

For standard (non-special) devices:
  • Types FHG2 thru 19 order 9998 PC241.
  • Types FHG22 thru 39 order 9998 PC242.
  • Types FHG42 thru49 order 9998 PC241.
  • Types FHG52 thru 59 order 9998 PC242.
Note: the diaphragm comes with the replacement contacts.

How can calibration of the S33595 be checked?

Product Line:
Circuit Breaker

The calibration of the test set is checked each time it is used. The S33595 microprocessor is designed with a power-up self check sequence. Each time the unit is powered up, it does a self diagnostic. This checks the health of all electronics, as well as positions of relays and switches inside the test kit. The self diagnostic also checks communications to the screen and the voltage level supplying the test kit. The test kit will not proceed to the test screens until all of these are verified.

The test kit also looks at calibration before each secondary injection test and if the microprocessor determines that it cannot reliably inject the correct signal, an error message will appear on the screen "Test kit calibration error, Test aborted".  When this occurs, the test kit must be returned to the factory for repair. Return through your local Schneider Electric (Square D) distributor.

For more details see instruction bulletin for the FFTK: