Clipsal - Lighting, Lampholder, BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

Clipsal Lighting, Lampholder, BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A WE

Item Number: 501-WE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Product or component type

BC lamp holder adaptor

Colour tint

white electric


Provided equipment

cap|skirt|lamp holder

Device mounting

cable mounting

[ue] rated operational voltage

250 V

Rated current

3 A

Reach regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

Eu rohs directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


Rohs exemption information


China rohs regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)


Package 1 bare product quantity


Unit type of package 1


Number of units in package 1


Package 1 height

7 cm

Package 1 width

3.2 cm

Package 1 length

3.2 cm

Package 1 weight

42 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the LAD** time delay auxiliary contact module fit the D2 series pre-Tesys contactors?

Can new accessories be used on older style contactors

Product Line:
IEC contactors and starters

Pre-Tesys Contactors

Identifying product compatibility

Yes, all front mount D2 and Tesys series auxiliary modules are backward forward compatible.

Video: What auxiliary contact modules are available for the LC1D and LC2D contactors?

Auxiliary contact modules for the LC1D and LC2D contactors

Product Line: 
Contactor and Starters - IEC

North American Products

Select based on application requirements. Please note that the TeSys and Pre-TeSys auxiliary blocks are backward/forward compatible.
Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor:

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N
--1-----------1---------LADN11G---------LA1DN11G (See Footnote 1)
--1-----------1---------LADN11P---------LA1DN11P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------0---------LA1DX20---------LA1DX20 (See Footnote 2)
--2-----------0---------LA1DY20---------LA1DY20 (See Footnote 3)
--2-----------2---------LADN22G---------LA1DN22G (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADN22P---------LA1DN22P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADC22------------LA1DC22 (See Footnote 4)
--3-----------1---------LA1DZ31----------LA1DZ31 (See Footnote 5)
--4-----------0---------LA1DZ40-----------LA1DZ40 (See Footnote 6)

Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor: For use with D2 Series 25 amp through 80 amp contactors and TeSys Series 40 amp through 80 amp only.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

Side Mounting; maximum of 1 block on each side for D2 Series and Tesys Series 40 through 80 amp contactors. Tesys 9 through 32, 115, and 150 amps contactors will accept 1 block and is limited to left side only. (*) DC control devices will not accept side mount auxiliaries.
(*) DC control exceptions that will accept one left side mounted auxiliary: LC1D115 & LC1D150.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

{1.EN_US} EN50 012 Machine Tool Terminal Markings
{2.EN_US} (2) NO Sealed Dust Tight Contacts
{3.EN_US} Gold Flash Contacts
{4.EN_US} (1) NO & (1) NC Standard and (1) NO & (1) NC Make Before Break
{5.EN_US} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (1) NO & (1) NC Standard Contacts
{6.EN_US} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (2) NO Standard Contacts

How to start an ATV312 drive using modbus for command?

Start an ATV312 using Modbus

Product Line:
Variable Frequency Drives

Applies to ATV312

Customer is not able to start the drive using Modbus.

Suggested to follow the status chart and send the values to the command word in sequence Hex 6 then 7 then F  to Address 8501 (assuming there is no offset)


What can cause a ILF fault on the ATV71 drive with an VW3A3501 CIC card installed?

ILF fault on the ATV71 with an  VW3A3501 CIC card installed.

Product line:
Altivar ATV71

All models, all serial numbers 

If the CIC card is missing the external +24vdc pwr supply the drive will trigger an ILF fault after 1 sec of being powered up.      

Per the CIC installation manual document, atv71_controller_inside_EN_V3 page 10, it is recommended to add an external power supply part number ABL7RE2402 to the controller inside cards +24vdc and com terminals to resolve issue.

What is the best alternative for 5012S164/4LWE?

If you are after a replacement electronic switch for a 5012S164/4L-WE then order the standard item “B5034MNLPCB-WE” which contains a PCB Assy plus the Rear Cover.

If you are after an equivalent to a 5012S164/4L-WE the closest we have can be achieved by ordering 1 x “B12/30/6-WE” + 3 x “5031NMML” + 9 x “5031NMS”


If just for replacement then you could get B503xNL and remove the Metal Plate and just use the gang switch to replace the old unit.

B5031NL, B5032NL, B5034NL


Why and when should I use a line choke upstream from an ATV31,ATV312, ATV320, ATV340, ATV61, ATV71 variable speed drive?

A line choke is used to provide better protection against overvoltages on the line supply and to reduce the harmonic distortion of the current produced by the drive.

The recommended chokes limit the drive line current and they have been developed in line with standard EN 50178 (VDE 0160 level 1 high-energy overvoltages on the line supply).

These chokes should be installed upstream of the drive.

The use of line chokes is recommended in particular under the following circumstances:

  • Close connection of several drives in parallel
  • Line supply with significant disturbance from other equipment (interference, overvoltages)
  • Line supply with voltage imbalance between phases above 1.8% of the nominal voltage
  • Drive power supplied by a line with very low impedance (in the vicinity of power transformers 10 times more powerful than the drive rating)
  • Installation of a large number of frequency inverters on the same line
  • Reduction of overloads on the "cos phi" correction capacitors, if the installation includes a power factor correction unit.

Wiser motion sensor – What is detection delay and how do I program it?

Detection delay can be set to 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds as a preset option or you can set a custom time value between 1 second and 59 minute 59 seconds.

Be aware that changing the detection delay value can change the battery life of the product.
To explain how this works we will use 5 minutes detection delay as an example. When motion is detected the sensor sends the signal ‘occupied’ to the hub. If no more motion is detected within the 5 minutes the sensor will send the signal ‘unoccupied’. If there was motion detected during the 5 minutes the 5 minutes will restart again. This will continue restarting until no motion is detected.

To configure the Wiser Motion sensor to control another Wiser product you will need to go into your Automations and create two Automations. One Automation as an ‘on’ and another as an ‘off’.

The ‘on’ Automation can be created by first selecting to add a new Automation. Once open name the Automation accordingly. Add a condition ‘when device status changes’, select the motion sensor, select motion state and occupied. Then add an action of what you want to occur when the motion sensor detects motion. As an example, if you wanted to turn on a device you would add task of ‘run the device’. This will then bring up the list of devices you have to choose from to operate and once you select a device you can then select to turn it on or off.

The ‘off’ Automation is the same as the ‘on’ Automation but select the motion sensor state of ‘unoccupied’ as the condition.
Motion Sensor - Auto.pngMotion Sensor - Auto1.pngMotion Sensor settings.png

Video: What is an InRow filter run hour violation and how is it resolved?

What is an InRow filter run hour violation?
Product line:
All InRow Units
Data Center Cooling
The alarm is an informational alarm indicating the Air Filter run hour counter has exceeded the suggested interval.  The default is 18 weeks.  This interval can be changed or disabled.  The notification does not mean the filters are dirty, but instead is used as a reminder to check the filter for cleanliness.

The alarm is cleared by selecting Clear Alarms in the main menu OR via the web browser [see below].

The Cooling Unit records the number of hours each of its components has operated. When a component is replaced, use the Reset option to reset the run hours for the displayed component to zero. 
This may be done via the display Main >> View Run Hours >> Air Filter >> Reset Run Hours or the web browser [see below].  Click the reset checkbox, then click Apply to reset a run hour counter back to zero.

The service interval depends on environmental cleanliness. Each component interval setting has an alarm. If enabled, the alarm will sound when the component interval has elapsed. The alarm is cleared by selecting Clear Alarms in the main menu. Set the number of weeks to service the following:
This may be done via the display Main >> Service Intervals >> Air Filter Interval: The default is 18 weeks. or the web browser [see below].  Enter the number of weeks between air filter service alarms.  Enable or disable the air filter service alarm.


What are force guided contacts?

What does force guided contacts mean for Contactors and Relays ?

Product Line:
Contactors & Relays

Definition needed

Linked contacts are contacts which are mechanically linked in such a way as to ensure that the normally closed and normally open contacts can never be closed at the same time.

Mechanical guiding (forced guiding) makes it impossible to close the normally closed and normally open contact simultaneously. If a normally closed contact becomes welded, it must be impossible for the normally open contacts to close when the coil is energized.
If a normally open contact becomes welded, it must be impossible for the normally closed contacts to close when the coil is de-energized. Also known as: forced contacts, positively activated contacts, guided contacts, and linked contacts.

This Forced guided contact feature is primarily required for Safety circuits and redundant control systems.

What is the ``solid red`` only knob that can be used on the 9001KR9R or 9001SKR9R push-pull operator?

Is there a part number for a solid red knob used on our push pull operators?

Product Line:
Harmony Push Button

Harmony 30mm

The 9001R20 (1-3/8`` red mushroom) or the 9001R21 (2-1/4`` red mushroom) can be used for ``solid red`` buttons only.
When used on 9001KR9R or 9001SRK9R operators, 9001R20 and 9001R21 mushroom knobs must be used in conjunction with adapter ring 9001K54 which is available for the purpose at no charge.``)