TeSys D, Auxiliary Contact Block, TeSys Deca, 1NC, front mounting, screw clamp terminals

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TeSys D, Auxiliary Contact Block, TeSys Deca, 1NC, front mounting, screw clamp terminals

Item Number: LADN01

TeSys Deca instantaneous auxiliary contact block, for contactors LC1D, LC1F. It provides 1NC contacts (NC mirror certified) rated up to 10A/690V AC, connection by screw clamp terminals. Clip-on front mounting, it procures high reliability and durability. Multi standards certified (IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC), Green Premium compliant (RoHS/REACh).


Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width13 mm

Height icon

Height48 mm

Depth icon

Depth35 mm


Qty UoM EAN Colour




TeSys|TeSys Deca

Range of product

TeSys Deca

Product or component type

auxiliary contact block

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Range compatibility

TeSys Deca LC1D80/95 3P|TeSys Deca LC1D80 4P|TeSys Deca LC1D40008|TeSys Deca LC1D65008|TeSys F LC1F|TeSys Deca LC1D115

[ue] rated operational voltage

690 V AC 25...400 Hz

[ie] rated operational current

6 A at 120 V AC-15|1.04 A at 690 V AC-15|0.55 A at 125 V DC-13|0.1 A at 600 V DC-13


EN/IEC 60947-5-1|UL 60947-5-1|CSA C22.2 No 60947-5-1|GB/T 14048.5

Product certifications


Protection type

gG fuse 10 A

Mechanical durability

30 Mcycles

Insulation resistance

> 10 MOhm

Connections - terminals

screw clamp terminals 1 cable(s) 1-4 mm²flexible with cable end|screw clamp terminals 1 cable(s) 1-4 mm²flexible without cable end|screw clamp terminals 2 cable(s) 1-2.5 mm²flexible with cable end|screw clamp terminals 2 cable(s) 1-4 mm²flexible without cable end|screw clamp terminals 1 cable(s) 1-4 mm²rigid without cable end|screw clamp terminals 2 cable(s) 1-4 mm²rigid without cable end


48 mm


13 mm


35 mm

Net weight

0.02 kg

Environmental characteristic

normal environment

Ip degree of protection

IP20 conforming to IEC 60529

Ambient air temperature for storage

-60...80 °C

Ambient air temperature for operation

-5...60 °C

Reach regulation

Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

Reach free of svhc


Eu rohs directive


Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


Rohs exemption information


China rohs regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Environmental disclosure


Circularity profile



Package 1 bare product quantity


Product name

TeSys Deca

Device short name


Mounting location


Pole contact composition

1 NC

Auxiliary contacts operation


[ui] rated insulation voltage

690 V conforming to IEC 60947-5-1|600 V conforming to UL|600 V conforming to CSA

[ith] conventional free air thermal current

10 A (at 60 °C)

Irms rated making capacity

140 A AC conforming to IEC 60947-5-1|250 A DC conforming to IEC 60947-5-1

Permissible short-time rating

100 A 1 s|120 A 500 ms|140 A 100 ms

Minimum switching current

5 mA

Minimum switching voltage

17 V

Non-overlap time

1.5 ms on de-energisation no overlap between NC and NO contact|1.5 ms on energisation no overlap between NC and NO contact

Tightening torque

1.7 N.m - with screwdriver flat Ø 6 mm|1.7 N.m - with screwdriver Philips No 2|1.7 N.m - with screwdriver pozidriv No 2

Shielding continuity terminal


Protective treatment

TH conforming to IEC 60068

Operating altitude

3000 m

Unit type of package 1


Number of units in package 1


Package 1 height

5.1 cm

Package 1 width

4.2 cm

Package 1 length

2.7 cm

Package 1 weight

20.0 g

Unit type of package 2


Number of units in package 2


Package 2 height

15.0 cm

Package 2 width

15.0 cm

Package 2 length

40.0 cm

Package 2 weight

1.772 kg


The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Video: What auxiliary contact modules are available for the LC1D and LC2D contactors?

Auxiliary contact modules for the LC1D and LC2D contactors

Product Line: 
Contactor and Starters - IEC

North American Products

Select based on application requirements. Please note that the TeSys and Pre-TeSys auxiliary blocks are backward/forward compatible.
Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor:

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N
--1-----------1---------LADN11G---------LA1DN11G (See Footnote 1)
--1-----------1---------LADN11P---------LA1DN11P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------0---------LA1DX20---------LA1DX20 (See Footnote 2)
--2-----------0---------LA1DY20---------LA1DY20 (See Footnote 3)
--2-----------2---------LADN22G---------LA1DN22G (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADN22P---------LA1DN22P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADC22------------LA1DC22 (See Footnote 4)
--3-----------1---------LA1DZ31----------LA1DZ31 (See Footnote 5)
--4-----------0---------LA1DZ40-----------LA1DZ40 (See Footnote 6)

Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor: For use with D2 Series 25 amp through 80 amp contactors and TeSys Series 40 amp through 80 amp only.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

Side Mounting; maximum of 1 block on each side for D2 Series and Tesys Series 40 through 80 amp contactors. Tesys 9 through 32, 115, and 150 amps contactors will accept 1 block and is limited to left side only. (*) DC control devices will not accept side mount auxiliaries.
(*) DC control exceptions that will accept one left side mounted auxiliary: LC1D115 & LC1D150.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

{1.EN_US} EN50 012 Machine Tool Terminal Markings
{2.EN_US} (2) NO Sealed Dust Tight Contacts
{3.EN_US} Gold Flash Contacts
{4.EN_US} (1) NO & (1) NC Standard and (1) NO & (1) NC Make Before Break
{5.EN_US} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (1) NO & (1) NC Standard Contacts
{6.EN_US} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (2) NO Standard Contacts

Can the single pole LA1DN and LADN auxiliary contact module be mounted on the TeSys contactors?

In which contactors can the LA1DN and LADN auxiliary contacts be mounted?

Auxiliary contacts for the Tesys D line

Tesys D-Line and Tesys F

These contacts will only fit on the following contactors:
Front mount only for LC1D40 through LC1D115 devices and LC1D40A - LC1D65A.
Left side mount only to LC1F contactors

Will a single circuit auxiliary contact block, like a LADN10 or LADN01, fit onto the Tesys D09-D38 amp contactors?

Identifying auxiliary contact blocks for Tesys D contactors

Product Line:
IEC contactors and starters

Tesys D Auxiliary contact blocks

single auxiliary contact block needed for use on a Tesys D line contactor

No, the single pole contact block will not fit . A LADN11,LADN20, LADN02 etc will fit. Anything with 2 auxiliary contacts in one block will fit.