694 bk sgl hor sw skt 10a

Single Horizontal Switched Socket 10A

Catalogue Number: 694
694 bk sgl hor sw skt 10a
Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE
  • Red 1 PCE
  • White 1 PCE
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Product brand
Range of product
PDL 600 Designer Series
Control type
ON/OFF button
Number of gangs
1 gang
Pin number
Number of power socket outlets
  • rocker
  • switch
    • Mounting position
      Fixing mode
      by screws
      Local signalling
      without light indicator
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      230...240 V AC
      [In] rated current
      10 A
      118 mm
      74 mm
      Fixing center
      84 mm
    • AS 3100
    • AS 3133
    • AS 3112
      • Frequently Asked Questions

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        Do we have a 20Amp PDL 694 Switched Socket Outlet ?

        No - Rated at 15A =  PDL694/15WH

        What is the DC rating for a PDL 692

        PDL 692 is not DC rated

        How do the PDL 600 and 800 series product codes work?

        As a general rule of thumb -
        PDL items require PDL at the front of the code.
        600 series item codes start with 6.
        600 series switch codes start with 68.
        The number of switches fitted in the plate is the 3rd number in the code, 681 = single 600 series switch, 682 = double 600 series switch
        600 series socket codes start with 69.
        The 3rd digit in a socket code indicates the type of socket, 691 = single vertical socket, 692 = double vertical socket, 694 = single horizontal socket, 695 = double horizontal socket.
        Most codes require a colour code at the end, WH = white, BK = black.
        eg. To order a black double vertical switched socket the complete code would be PDL692BK.
        800 series (Modena) item codes start with 8 and follow the same format as above. (800 series items with Strato plates start with S8...)
        eg. An 800 series Modena double switch in white = PDL882WH, a Strato double horizontal switched socket in black = PDLS895BK 
        In both series metal cover plates are an extra option to be supplied separately, coded to fit the plate required, eg. 600 series single switch metal plate in Stainless Steel = PDL681MSS (M = Metal, BBZ = Brushed Bronze, PB = Polished Brass) Some plastic cover plates are available eg. PDL681CWH (C = Cover), PDL800PSCH (PS = Plastic Surround, CH = Champagne, there are 9 colour options in 800 series)
        Strato brushed aluminium plates also need BK or WH to decide the trim colour, eg. PDLS800CBABK or PDLS800CBAWH (C = Cover , BA = Brushed Aluminium)
        Module grids with covers are available in BK or WH, eg. PDL684VHWH (VH = vertical/horizontal since the grid is empty and module can be fitted either way), PDLS800GPSBK (GPS = Grid, Plate, & Surround).
        Grids without covers included are only available in Modena 800 series, PDL800G (horizontal) or PDL800GV (vertical)
        Refer pdl.co.nz for further details and options.

        Mounting block to suit PDL 698 worktop socket ?

        Code = PDL 567S

        What is the difference between the covers of the 699 & 699TB

        Configuration is different
        699 - switch, socket, socket, switch
        699TB - switch, socket, switch, socket


        Dimensions for PDL 699 699TB 699 TBR 699TB/15

        Plate 48mm (H) x 170mm (W)
        Mounting Centres: 150mm
        Suits PDL 567L mounting Block & PDL 559 Mounting Bracket

        Is there a single horizontal socket with a round earth pin available in the 600 series? A 694R For example?

        No the 694R is not available but the PDL691R(single vertical), PDL692R(double vertical) & PDL695R(double horizontal) are available 

        What is the dimensions for a PDL 684 4-Gang Switch ?

        Overall Dimensions: 118mm x 74mm
        Mounting Centres: 84mm

        What is the cut out size for a PDL 644

        Size is 90 x 69mm

        RM 79 696 043: operating temperature.

        Goals and Symptoms

        RM 79 696 043: operating temperature.

        Facts and Changes

        RM 79 696 043

        Causes and Fixes

        The maximum operating temperature is 60°c.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL197838 V1.0, Originally authored by LaBe on 02/18/2009, Last Edited by LaBe on 02/18/2009
        Related ranges: Zelio Control

        What is the cut out size for (PDL) 194 panel mount socket with tab terminals

        Cut out size 38mm x 32mm

        What is the round earth pin version of a PDL 194?

        There is no round earth version of the 194 available.

        Is there a metal cover plate available to suit the PDL 694X - single, horizontal socket outlet with extra switch?

        There are three metal cover plates available to suit the PDL 694X - Polished Brass (PB) PDL694XMPB, Brushed Bronze (BBZ) PDL694XMBBZ and Stainless Steel (SS) PDL694XMSS.

        What is the depth of PDL 644 mounting blocks, 640RC and 640SC

         It is 19mm deep

        Is there a PDL 644 with neon indication

         Not available
        the is a PDL644Pwh which has a single LED for RCD protected indicator sockets

        Are there any metal cover plates available for the PDL644?

        No. Only available in white or black.

        Can you fit a USB into a PDL 644 or 641?

        No, There is no room for the USB mech.

        Can I use a PDL 654 dimmer with CFL (Compact Fluorescent bulbs)

         No, this dimmer is not rated for CFL but you can use a universal dimmer

        What is the part cold for the PDL 600VH plates with ID

        1 to 4  gang VH plates 681 to 684 ending with
        VIDWH or HIDWH ie PDL681VIDWH or PDL684HIDWH

        What is the ratings for the PDL 654 Rotary Dimmer Switch Universal

        Voltage 230/240V a.c. 50Hz
        Maximum Load - 450W
        Minimum Load - 20W

        Is there a PDL 695 with neon in middle

        You can purchase PDL 695X and the pdl indicator module that is required

        What is the part number for a White PDL695 Cover plate.

        The part number is PDL695CWH

        Is the PDL 694X, socket outlet horizontal and switched with an extra switch, available in black?

        No, the PDL 694X is only available in white

        Does the PDL 691 have a red cover plate available

        Not available in red as a cover only, can purchase the complete unit in red (PDL 691RD)

        What is the code for the metal cover plate for a PDL699 ?

        There is no metal cover available for the 699 There is only a metal cover for the 699TB version

        Does the PDL 600 Series have cover plates in Ivory color ?

        No, They are not available in Ivory colour.

        What are the dimensions of the PDL194 socket?

        Height = 41.8 mm
        Width = 48.2 mm
        Cutout of 38x32 ​

        What is the replacement cover part number for 2601BF1F?

        Replacement cover for 2601BF1F

        Product Line: 
        Nema Contactors/Starters

        North American Products

        The cover is not available.  Replace the complete device.


        Is it possible to use a three phase 120V L-N through a potential transformer for control power to the CM4000 that is 69V L-N

        User wants to use three phase 120V L-N through a potential transformer for control power to the CM4000 that is 69V L-N

        Product Line


        Yes, the circuit monitor can be used with line-to-line rated PT's connected line to neutral, which results in a line-to-neutral voltage of 69.

        What Ethernet frame types are supported by the TSXETG1010 module?

        The Ethernet frame types that are supported by the TSXETG1010 module are:
        Ethernet II format, corresponding to standard RFC 894 (the most commonly used) and
        802.3 format, corresponding to standard RFC 1042.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL174655 V2.0, Originally authored by MiOB on 07/30/2013, Last Edited by GeMc on 07/30/2013
        Related ranges: Modicon Atrium

        Is there a slim weatherproof enclosure cover?

        Yes, the part number is 223H
        Some of the key features are:
        • 84 mm Mounting centre apart (94 x 50 mm)
        • Horizontal
        For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=223H

        Is Event Notification Solution 6.4 /Active Pager Module 6.4 (ENS 6.4, APM 6.4) compatible with SQL 2000?

        ENS 6.4 is only supported with SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 instances.
        During the install, SQL 2000 instances can be chosen, but the install will not complete if a SQL 2000 instance is selected.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL206608 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 11/09/2011, Last Edited by MaTh on 11/09/2011
        Related ranges: Paging Module, SMS Add-on

        What is the difference between the PDL 699WH and PDL 699TBWH

        PDL 699 has one set of terminals and the PDL 699TB is the twin base model and therefore has a set of terminals for each outlet.  The configuration of the switches and sockets
        are different as well.

        Is the cover for the PDL691 available in black? (PDL 691C)

        The cover (PDL 691C) for the PDL 691 is only available in White (691CWH), Polished Brass (691MPB), Brushed Bronze (691MBBZ) and Stainless Steel (691MSS). Black is not available.

        What is the part number for a cover to suit a PDL644 gpo?

        No. Unfortunately we don't do the covers however the 644 quad outlet is still available.

        For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=644

        Is there a Surge Protection Socket Outlet available in the 600 series?

        PDL used to do a complete unit - The 695SP however, this is now obsolete. A Surge Protection Outlet can be made up of parts. You will need to use one of the sockets that have an extra switch space such as the 694X or the 695X and replace the extra switch with our Surge Protection Module, the 600SM.


        What is the part number for PDL single p/point with extra switch?

        The part number for PDL single p/point with extra switch is 694X-WH.
        Some of the Key Features are:
        • Larger rockers, matching the rockers on switch modules
        • Suits Cat 144 Flush Box and Cat 148H or 146H Mounting Bracket, Suits Cat 694M Metal cover plate
        • Removable extra switch 20 A

        For more information , please visit: https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=694X

        Is there a PDL 695 with surge protection

        Use a PDL695X and put a PDL600SM in the extra mech space
        PDL has a small surge mdoule which can be installed into any 600 series switch hole. 

        600 series Surge Module Surge Protection

        What is the part number for a cover to suit the PDL 695?

        The cover to suit the PDL 695 is a 695C.

        Is it possible to get a vertical single, switched socket with two extra switches in the PDL range?

        We only do a horizontal single, switched socket with two extra switches - PDL 694XX.

        Another alternative would be to use a PDL 691X. This is a vertical single, switched socket with one extra switch.

        Are the ION meters seismic and/or vibrational compliant?

        As of right now, no ION hardware undergoes any testing for seismic and/or vibrational compliance. No meters in the ION family have this compliance. Typical standards are IEEE 693 and IEC 60255-21-3.
        Original article#
        Date Created: November 12, 2010
        Last Revised: November 18, 2010
        Original Author: DD
        All content © 1992-2010 Schneider Electric

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203933 V1.0, Originally authored by LaAd on 11/19/2010, Last Edited by LaAd on 11/19/2010
        Related ranges: ION8600, ION75X0 RTU, ION7550/ION7650, ION7300, ION6200

        Can I get a fascia only for a C-Bus touch screen?

        Yes, the 5080CTCF is the replacement fascia for C-Bus 6.4 inch colour touch screens.

        For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=5080CTCF

        What is the master password to reset the ATV11 drives?

        Master password to reset the ATV11 drives.

        Product Line:
        Altivar ATV11


        Password has them locked out of the drive.

        Menu SUP then COD enter master password 696 to unlock the drive.

        Which UPS is the Correct UPS for My Configuration?

        APC by Schneider Electric has an online sizing tool that will help you find a UPS that will fit your needs. The APC UPS Selector is located at https://www.apc.com/tools/ups_selector/.

        Alternatively, please visit the APC UPS Buying Guide for selecting the right battery backup.

        What is the part number of the keypad and the remote mounting kit for the Altivar ATV58 drive?

        What is the part number for the keypad and the remote mounting kit for the Altivar ATV58?

        Product Line:



        VW3A58103 is the part number for the kit. This kit includes the mounting hardware and a 3 meter cable. It does not include the keypad itself. The keypad is VW3A58101U.
        However, both part numbers are obsolete and there is no direct replacement.

        Multi-9 C60 Breakers: Values for Watts Loss and Voltage Drop per pole

        Power Loss
        Watts Loss
        Contact Resistance
        Voltage Drop

        Product Line:
        Circuit Breakers

        Applies to Multi-9, C60 Circuit Breakers (UL489 and UL1077)

        The attached document gives the Power Loss (Watts Loss) and Voltage Drop per pole, at rated current of the breaker (nominal current). For example, a 1A breaker would be expected to have a Watts Loss per pole of 2.3 W, at rated current of 1A. This information can be used to calculate voltage drop when used at other than nominal current.

        Download Language Packs for 6.4 SUMX and SY APC Network Management Card Applications


        Need for alternative language packs for APC Network Management Cards installed in a UPS that uses the SUMX or SY application.

        Product Line

        Network Management cards: AP9630, AP9631, AP9635
        Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 2 include (but are not limited to): 2G Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP84XX, AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products

        All serial numbers
        Firmware version 6.4, running application SUMX or SY


        The attached files contain packs for the following languages:
        • French
        • Spanish
        • Italian
        • Japanese
        • Russian
        • German
        • Chinese
        • Korean
        • Portuguese

        Instructions for updating/changing the language pack can be found in FA156166

        How to resolve the SCADAPack Workbench 6.4 installation error Does not Detect VS2010 SP1?

        Work around is the following to resolve the issue in figure 1 below:

        1. Run..\Workbench\Prerequisites\VS2010ISO\English\Isolated Mode\setup.exe. When prompted, select remove
        2. Run it again, this time go through the full install
        3. Run Setup.exe from the root of the DVD and installation SPW

        What is the replacement for relay CA3DN40?

        The replacement for relay is a - CAD50FD
        User-added image
        TeSys D control relay - 5 NO - <= 690 V - 110 V DC standard coil

        For more information see; https://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?org=21&lang=1&dist=276&prod_id=CAD50FD

        PowerChute Network Shutdown version 4.3 fails to power off Hosts in a Stretch Cluster when the Witness host is powered off.

        When the PowerChute Appliance is deployed to the same host that is running the vSAN Witness it shuts down this host before the other vSAN hosts if the Witness is powered off. This host should be the last to shut down.

        Product Line:
        PowerChute Network Shutdown version 4.3

        PowerChute Network Shutdown VM installed same ESXi host as the vSAN Witness Appliance.

        Witness host is off line when PowerChute initiates shut down process.

        1. Download the attached pcns_vsan_ftt.tar file.
        2. Copy pcns_vsan_ftt.tar on to the PowerChute VM
        3. Log into the PowerChute VM as root
        4. Uncompress the file. tar -xvf pcns_vsan_ftt.tar
        5. Stop the PowerChute service systemctl stop PowerChute
        6. Rename the original pcns.jar mv /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/comp/pcns.jar  /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/comp/original_pcns.jar
        7. Next copy the uncompress pcns_vsan_fft.jar to the PowerChute directory cp pcns_vsan_ftt.jar /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/comp/pcns.jar (Note: when the file is copied the name is changed from pcns_vsan_ftt.jar to pcns.jar)
        9. Change to permissions of the new pcns.jar file chmod 664 /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/comp/pcns.jar
        8. Re-start the PowerChute service systemctl start PowerChute 

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