MB/MD Distribution Board SWBD MB 48P C60 IP42 250A

Catalogue Number: MB248D32
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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EU RoHS Directive
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the MB248DM2 come with a main switch?

Yes it comes with a 250A main switch.

What is the part number for RCBO to go in MB248D31 type of board?

The part number for RCBO to go in MB248D31 type of board will be a part number A9D61816.


What are the dimensions for the MB248D32?

The dimensions for the MB248D32 are 1000mm (H) x 580mm (W) x 235mm (D).

What RCBO's fit the switchboard Schneider switchboard MB236D31?

The RCBO that will fit the switchboard Schneider switchboard MB236D31 is a IC60N RCBO and a IC60H RCBO.
An example of the part number for a 6kA, 10A would be A9D61810.