Thermal Overload Relay





Product or component type

electronic thermal overload relay

Product compatibility

  • NSX circuit breaker
  • LC1D115
  • LC1D150
    • Sustainable offer status

      Green Premium product


      18 months


      Mounting support

    • under contactor
    • rail
      • [Ue] rated operational voltage

        690 V 50...60 Hz

        Control type

      • red push-button: stop
      • blue push-button: reset
        • Connections - terminals

        • power circuit: bars
        • control circuit: screw clamp terminals 1 cable(s) 0.5-1.5 mm² flexible without cable end
        • control circuit: screw clamp terminals 2 cable(s) 0.5-1.5 mm² flexible without cable end
        • alarm circuit: screw clamp terminals 1 cable(s) 0.5-1.5 mm² flexible without cable end
          • Depth

            132 mm

            Net weight

            0.9 kg

            IP degree of protection

            IP20 conforming to IEC 60529

            Ambient air temperature for operation

            -20-60 °C without derating conforming to IEC 60947-4-1

            Ambient air temperature for storage

            -60-70 °C


          • IEC 255-8
          • EN 60947-4-1
          • VDE 0660
          • IEC 60947-4-1
          • IEC 255-17
            • Product certifications

            • UL 508
            • CSA 22-2
              • EU RoHS Directive


                Mercury free


                RoHS exemption information


                China RoHS Regulation

                Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

                Environmental Disclosure


                Circularity Profile



                Product name

                TeSys LRD

                Device short name


                Relay application

                motor protection

                Network type


                Signalling function


                Thermal protection adjustment range

                60-100 A

                [Ui] rated insulation voltage

              • power circuit: 1000 V conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
              • power circuit: 600 V conforming to CSA
              • power circuit: 600 V conforming to UL
                • Network frequency

                  50...60 Hz

                  [Us] rated supply voltage

                  24 V DC

                  Supply voltage limits

                  17-32 V

                  Tripping threshold

                • 1.05 +/- 0.06 In alarm conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
                • 1.12 +/- 0.06 In de-energisation conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
                  • [Ith] conventional free air thermal current

                    5 A for signalling circuit

                    Associated fuse rating

                    5 A gG for signalling circuit

                    [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage

                    Phase failure sensitivity

                    tripping in 4 s +/- 20 % conforming to IEC 60947-4-1

                    Temperature compensation

                    -20-60 °C

                    Switching capacity in mA

                    0...150 mA

                    Maximum voltage drop

                    <2.5 V closed state

                    Tightening torque

                  • alarm circuit: 0.45 N.m - on screw clamp terminals
                  • power circuit: 18 N.m - on bars M8
                  • control circuit: 1.2 N.m - on screw clamp terminals
                    • Compatibility code


                      Protective treatment

                      TH conforming to IEC 60068

                      Operating altitude

                      <= 2000 m without derating

                      Mechanical robustness

                    • vibrations: 2 Gn, 5...300 Hz conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
                    • shocks: 13 Gn for 11 ms conforming to IEC 60068-2-7
                      • Dielectric strength

                        6 kV at 50 Hz conforming to IEC 60255-5

                        Unit Type of Package 1


                        Number of Units in Package 1


                        Package 1 Weight

                        904 g

                        Package 1 Height

                        15 cm

                        Package 1 width

                        15.5 cm

                        Package 1 Length

                        13 cm


                        The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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                        Frequently Asked Questions

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                        Can you remotely reset electronic overloads LR9D?

                        No. You cannot remotely reset LR9D electronic overloads.
                        There is no provision or attachment  to wire external reset button to overload.

                        Do we have Type 2 Co-Ordination Chart for the LT47 overload relays?

                        LT47 is not an overload relay but an overcurrent relay, working on a definite time characteristic : current threshold and time based function.

                        We do not have Coordination type 2 tables for LT47.
                        However, LT47 is an overcurrent relay. It performs a motor current measurement through its internal CT. So, LT47 doesn't add impedance to the motor control circuit and the coordination only results from the characteristics of the short circuit protection (fuses or circuit-breaker) and of the contactor. So the coordination tables we publish for LTMR can be used when LT47 is used.

                        Is there a direct replacement for TR2D09307 overload?

                        There is no direct replacement for TR2D09307 but alternative is LRD07 ( will not fit to existing contactor)

                        TeSys LRD thermal overload relays - 1.6...2.5 A - class 10A
                        For more information see:

                        What are the wiring terminals on the IEC LRD* overload relays?

                        Product Line:
                        Tesys D line Overload Relays
                        The normally closed overload contact are terminals 95 & 96; and the normally open overload contact are terminals 97 & 98.
                        T1 T2 and T3 are the load terminals. 

                        The normally closed control circuit contact will open when there is a fault, this contact is typically used in series with the control circuit. 

                        The normally open trip signal contact closes when a fault occurs which is typically used to control a pilot light, or alarm.