Clipsal C-Bus Dimmer DIN Rail Mounted, Universal, 240V AC, 4 Channel, 2.5A, With C-Bus Power Supply

Clipsal C-Bus Dimmer DIN Rail Mounted, Universal, 240V AC, 4 Channel, 2.5A, With C-Bus Power Supply

Clipsal C-Bus Dimmer DIN Rail Mounted, Universal, 240V AC, 4 Channel, 2.5A, With C-Bus Power Supply

Item Number: L5504D2U

RRP (Inc. GST)

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width216 mm

Height icon

Height92 mm

Depth icon

Depth63 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour





Product brand


Product or component type


Device application


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Device presentation

basic element

Load type

  • incandescent
  • halogen lamp
  • low voltage lamp with electronic transformer
  • low voltage lamp with iron-core transformer
  • LED lamp
    • Dimmer type

    • leading edge
    • trailing edge
      • [Ue] rated operational voltage

      • 220...240 V AC for dimmer
      • 15...36 V DC for C-Bus
        • Communication network type


          Local signalling


          Number of channels


          Connector type

        • RJ45 for C-Bus
        • RJ45 for remote override
          • Mounting support

            DIN rail

            Clamping connection capacity

          • 1 x 2.5 mm²
          • 2 x 1.5 mm²
            • Width

              216 mm


              92 mm


              63 mm

              Net weight

              593 g

              Ambient air temperature for operation

              0-45 °C

              Relative humidity

              10-95 %

              REACh Regulation

              Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

              REACh free of SVHC


              EU RoHS Directive


              Toxic heavy metal free


              Mercury free


              RoHS exemption information


              China RoHS Regulation

               Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

              Environmental Disclosure


              Circularity Profile



              Load current

              2.5 A per channel

              Standby consumption

              20 W

              Power supply output current

              200 mA

              Network frequency

              47...53 Hz

              Maximum number of supported devices

              10 per network

              Input impedance

              50 kOhm at 1-1 kHz

              Isolation voltage

              3.75 kV from C-Bus to mains

              Starting time

              5 s

              Software function

            • select network clock
            • select network burden
            • select time delay range
              • Number of modules


                Unit Type of Package 1


                Number of Units in Package 1


                Package 1 Weight

                775 g

                Package 1 Height

                10 cm

                Package 1 width

                11 cm

                Package 1 Length

                15.5 cm


                The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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                Frequently Asked Questions

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                What is the current rating per channel for an L5504D2UP

                The current rating per channel is 2.5A

                Is part number L5504D2U suitable for dimming LED?

                Yes. The L5504D2U is suitable for LED dimming.

                Key Features

                • 4 channel Leading Edge/Trailing Edge
                • 12M DIN modules wide
                • 4 channels of 2.5A rating
                • Suitable for low voltage electronic transformers, incandescent lamps and low voltage lamps with iron core transformersl
                • automatic load sensing
                • software selectable network burden and C-Bus system clock
                • inbuilt 200mA C-Bus power supply
                • C-Bus Learn Enabled
                • for use with Leading Edge or Trailing Edge compatible low voltage transformers
                • 215 mm x 85 mm x 65 mm
                for more information, please visit:https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=L5504D2U


                What to do when C-Bus dimmer channel will not turn off ?

                - Initially check that the programming is correct.

                - If using LED lights, the LED may stay on when the channel is off, this is due to the leakage current being enough to power the LED, use of a 31LCDA may resolve this issue.

                - If using Halogen and  the channel will not turn off, there may be damage to the electronics on this channel - Electricians only to perform this check, disconnect the Active's , Neutral and Earth from the unit, remove the cable for the load on that channel then with a multimeter check between the Neutral and that suspect channel output, if you see a low resistance the Triac has shorted.

                - Advise not to use this channel and label as faulty, other channels on this dimmer should still be ok to use as per normal, alternatively you could return this unit for a quote on repair, note a repair may not be possible.

                What are the C-BUS Relay part numbers?

                You have several options for relays, Catalogue numbers and information below.

                L5504RVF, L5504RVFP** - 4 Channel voltage free relay - 10amps per channel
                L5508RVF, L5508RVFP** - 8 Channel voltage free relay - 10amps per channel
                L5512RVF, L5512RVFP** - 12 Channel voltage free relay - 10amps per channel

                L5504RVF20, L5504RVF20P** - 4 Channel voltage free relay - 20amps per channel

                L5508RELVP - 8 Channel Extra Low Voltage Relay

                5101R - Single and Two Channel 250v AC 10amp relay
                5102RVF - Single and Two Channel 250v AC 10amp Voltage Free Relay

                ** Any part number that has a 'P' after the part number for Din Rail mount units does NOT include a C-Bus 200ma Power Supply..

                What are the C-Bus Channel Limitation for Current Measurement Unit?

                There will be limitations on how many CMU channels that can be utilized, depending on the device being used. This is due to memory limitations of those devices, as to how much historical data can be retained.

                Below is a list of the maximum CMU Channels that can be used. Each CMU has 4X Channels per unit.
                Each CT Coil has a selection range of either 0-40 and 0-80 AMP Range - This is software selectable..
                DescriptionCMU Channels
                Schedule +28
                CTC Colour20
                Wiser  4

                5504CMU Current Measurement Unit,
                Some key features are:
                • Measures and reports over C-Bus a circuit’s instantaneous electrical power consumption
                • Current monitoring is performed via a split core CT (current transformer)
                • 4 channel unit (measure up to 4 electrical circuits per unit)
                • Display energy use on C-Bus 6.4 inch colour touch screen, Schedule Plus, HomeGate Software and Wiser Home Control
                • Raise C-Bus alerts and warning messages based on predefined thresholds
                • Control electrical devices based on predefined thresholds (load shed)
                • Can provide confirmation that electrical devices are operating as expected
                • DIN rail mounted, 4M wide

                For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=5504CMU