Wiser Energy IP communication Module

Wiser Energy IP communication Module

Wiser Energy IP communication Module

Item Number: EER72600

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Product Dimensions

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Width54 mm

Height icon

Height84 mm

Depth icon

Depth67 mm



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Installing and Commissioning a Wiser system

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  • Installing and Commissioning a Wiser system





Range of product

Wiser Link

Product brand


Product or component type

IP communication module

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Mounting mode


Mounting support

DIN rail

Communication port protocol


Integrated connection type

Ethernet port for DHCP client

Local signalling

  • green, orange and red LED for product status
  • green and orange LED for Ethernet status (LAN ST)
    • Height

      84 mm


      54 mm


      67 mm

      Net weight

      133 g

      Range compatibility

    • Wiser energy meter
    • Wiser PowerTag energy sensor
      • IP degree of protection

      • IP20 casing: conforming to IEC 60529
      • IP40 front face: conforming to IEC 60529
        • IK degree of protection

          IK05 conforming to IEC 62262

          Relative humidity

          93-93 % at 40-40 °C

          Ambient air temperature for operation

          -25-50 °C


        • IEC 61000-6-1:2005
        • IEC 61000-6-3:2005
          • REACh Regulation

            Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

            EU RoHS Directive


            Mercury free


            RoHS exemption information


            China RoHS Regulation

            Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

            Environmental Disclosure


            Circularity Profile




            PC (polycarbonate)


            Product name


            [Us] rated supply voltage

            110/230 V AC (+/- 15 %), <2 A

            Network frequency

            50/60 Hz

            Power consumption in VA

            5 VA

            Transmission rate

            9600 bit/s 0-24 V 2-wire non polarised cable <50 m Wiser EM5 energy meter

            Web services configuration


            Communication interface

            Ethernet 10/100BASE-T <100 m Cat.6 STP

            Overvoltage category


            Electrical connection

          • screw terminal block for main supply
          • screw terminal block for communication
            • Targeted country


              Pollution degree


              Operating altitude

              0...2000 m

              Electromagnetic compatibility

            • electromagnetic immunity: , conforming to IEC 61000-6-1
            • electromagnetic emission: , conforming to IEC 61000-6-3
              • Fire resistance

                650 °C during 30 s

                Unit Type of Package 1


                Number of Units in Package 1


                Package 1 Weight

                0.174 kg

                Package 1 Height

                0.85 dm

                Package 1 width

                0.65 dm

                Package 1 Length

                1.11 dm


                The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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                Frequently Asked Questions

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                What do I need to start using the Wiser Link solution?

                Wiser Link has been discontinued replaced by Wiser Energy and Power Tag
                See attached Power tag selection guide
                For the Wiser  ( EER72600) MIP you will need a power supply of 230V AC and you will need a RJ45 cable to connect to the Modem in the house. 

                For further information please visit :https://www.clipsal.com/search?q=WISER%20ENERGY


                Do we have a domestic electricity monitor & where is it listed?

                Yes we have our Wiser Energy range which utilizes our PowerTag system.
                For this system to operate you need a Wiser communication module (EER72600) as well as the appropriate PowerTags for your RCD/ Circuit Breakers.

                More information can be found at https://www.clipsal.com/wiserenergy?backto=%2Fsearch%3Ftype%3Dpage%26q%3Dwiser

                Video: Wiser thermostat temperature calibration

                It is suspected that the Wiser Thermostat temperature measurement values are not correct.  Is it possible to calibrate the Wiser thermostat temperature?

                Product Line:
                Wiser Home Management System United States or Canada models only
                EER56000, EER56100, EER58000

                Residential, United States or Canada

                Any concern that the Wiser Thermostat temperature is not accurate should be confirmed by placing another thermostat or other temperature measurement device near the Wiser thermostat and comparing the temperature values.  

                The thermostats have a temperature calibration function that allows the user to set an offset value several degrees.  The owner of the thermostat can program an offset value to make adjust the thermostat temperature measurement to match the measurement of another device.  Play the appropriate video below to see how to  program the temperature offset value.

                Wiser Thermostat EER56000 and EER56100 Temperature Calibration

                Wiser Thermostat EER58000 Temperature Calibration

                How can I set my Wiser thermostat for Energy Star guidelines?

                How can I set my Wiser thermostat for Energy Star guidelines?
                Product Line:
                Wiser Home Management System (version 1 EER series USA model)
                EER56000, EER56100, EER58000
                Customer would like to make sure his thermostat is set at or better than Energy Star guidelines.  
                To optimize between comfort and energy savings, pre-configured Energy Star templates for both heating and cooling are available through the Wiser portal, www.wiserenergy.com.   From the Thermostats tab of the portal, scroll to the bottom and select "Energy-Saving Templates".

                There are missing days in my Wiser energy graph.

                The energy graph on wiserenergy.com does not show data for everyday.   Some days have no data.

                Product Line:
                Wiser Home Management System (version 1 EER series USA model only)

                Wiser Home Management System (version 1 EER series USA model only)

                1.  The first possible cause is that the Wiser Gateway was unplugged, or disconnected from the internet for a period of time.  If this occurs, the home's Wiser System will not be able to report to wiser servers and data will be lost.  
                2.  Another possible cause is that the power data was negative.  The graphs on wiserenergy.com will only show positive consumption.  See FA214229
                1.  Make sure that your Wiser gateway is plugged in and is connected to the internet.
                2.  If your Wiser gateway has been continuously plugged in, and has had an internet connection, please contact Wiser support.

                More information about how to use the Wiser Home Management System may be found in a series of video tutorials published on YouTube.   Link to the the entire playlist of tutorials here.    Video #1, "Creating an Account," most closely pertains to this topic.  This video covers setting up the Gateway and confirming the Gateway's Internet connection.   Click here to go to Video #1.

                Wiser thermostat display screen color is wrong. It was always green and now it is something different.

                Wiser thermostat display screen color is wrong.  It was always green and now it is something different.
                How do I change screeb color on Wiser thermostat?

                Product Line:
                Wiser Home Management System
                EER56000,  EER56100

                Residential Home USA model only

                The EER56000 and EER56100 thermostats have a display screen with variable color backlight.  The normal factory default backlight is a bright green.   This color can be changed through a setting under the a Temp Menu -> More  -> Backlight.  The color of the screen is set by a number 1 to 99 where 1 is red, 20 to 30 is green, 40 is blue-green, 50 to 60 is blue, 90 is purple.  

                The thermostat has 4 Demand Response levels: Low, Medium, High, and Critical.   Unless it has been commanded by the utility company to be at a higher Demand Response Level, then the thermostat will be at the default Low level with a default color of 31 (green).   A limited number EER56000 thermostats were sold into accounts involving Demand Response programs with utility companies in 2013 to 2015 time frame.  It is very unlikely that the color display change is caused by a Demand Response event, but check with the Wiser Home Management Applications Engineering team to verify.

                A possible cause of display screen color change is a defective backlight. See Resolution area for testing instructions.

                If you can verify that Demand Response events are possible for the installation, then the screen color could be normal.  

                Test the backlight color by accessing the color adjustment screen under Temp Menu -> More  -> Backlight.  Use the wheel to adjust the color number.  If the color does not follow the normal operation where 1 is red, 20 to 30 is green, 40 is blue-green, 50 to 60 is blue, 90 is purple, then one of the backlight LEDs has burned out.  Replace thermostat under warranty if applicable and within 18 month warranty period.
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