Acti 9 Cb Accessory, Mounting Base, MSC 18 Chassis for iC60, 3PH, 250A, 24P

Acti 9 Cb Accessory, Mounting Base, MSC 18 Chassis for iC60, 3PH, 250A, 24P

Acti 9 Cb Accessory, Mounting Base, MSC 18 Chassis for iC60, 3PH, 250A, 24P

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Acti 9

Product or component type


Device application



Range compatibility

Acti 9 Isobar B distribution board

[In] rated current

250 A

Number of poles

24 18 mm


218 mm


215 mm

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information


Device short name

MSC 18

Short-circuit withstand

25 kA 0.1 s

[Icw] rated short-time withstand current

25 kA

Number of ways

  • 1 way (incomer) - 3P
  • 24 ways (outgoer)
    • Unit Type of Package 1


      Number of Units in Package 1


      Package 1 Weight

      2.154 kg

      Package 1 Height

      9.5 cm

      Package 1 width

      24 cm

      Package 1 Length

      50.8 cm
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What distribution board is required for the CH25843 chassis?

      For the customized distribution board for 72 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm) chassis, you need to submit request for a quote to "au.estimating@schneider-electric.com". Our Standard distribution board only goes up to 60 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm).

      Can part number TC32V24 be used for 2 way switching?

      No. Unfortunately TC32V24 is not used for 2 way switching.

      What are the time increments on the TC32V24?

      The time on the TC32V24 is in 12 minute increments. 
      Some of the key features are:
      • Time: 24 hour
      • 115 mm Length x 73 mm Width x 62mm Depth
      • Mounting centre: 84 mm
      • Analogue Timer Controls
      • 250V Rated
      • 15A Rated
      For further information please visit Clipsal - TC32V24 - Flush Switch, 250VAC, 15A, 24h Timer, White Electric


      What is the part number for a timer 24 hr with override?

      The part number is TC32V24

      Do TC32V and TC15 series of timer switches have battery back up?

      TC32V and TC15 series of timer switches do not have battery back up. Hence after an interruption of power supply, the timer has to be set to the correct time. Part numbers in the TC32V series are TC32V1, TC32V24 and TC32V7D. Part numbers in the TC15 series are TC15/24, TC15/15/24 and TC15/15/7D.
      For further information, please refer to the attached installation instruction


      ​What is the difference between the IFE (LV434010) and IFE Gateway (LV434011)?

      Distinguish between IFE switchboard server and IFE ethernet interface

      Product Line:
      Smart Systems

      The IFE and the IFE Gateway appear very similar (see picture below), but there is a difference.
      • The IFE (cat. no. LV434010) is the Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact circuit breakers.
      • The IFE Gateway (cat. no. LV434011) is the Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact LV circuit breakers, plus a gateway for Modbus-SL (serial line) connected devices. Note that the IFE Gateway is also referred to as IFE Modbus, or IFE Server.