wiser home control mkii

Wiser Home Control Mk2

Catalogue Number: 5200WHC2
wiser home control mkii
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Range of product
Device short name
Product or component type
system controller
AC/DC adapter
Communication network type
  • wireless
  • C-Bus
  • E-LAN
    • Ethernet service
    • dynamic DNS
    • DHCP client
      • Network security encrypting
      • WPA
      • WPA2
        • Connector type
        • HDMI
        • USB
        • RJ45
        • bus
          • Clock drift
          • 1 min/month
          • 1 s/1000 years NTP
            • [Us] rated supply voltage
            • input: 100...230 V AC
            • output: 24 V DC
              • Mounting location
                indoor use only
                Mounting mode
                free standing
                Function available
              • integrated timer
              • control by calculation of sunrise/sunset times
                • Type of setting
                  time adjustment
                  219 mm
                  175 mm
                  33.5 mm
                  Ambient air temperature for operation
                  0-45 °C
                  Relative humidity
                  10-90 % without condensation
                  IP degree of protection
                  EU RoHS Directive
                  Environmental Disclosure
                  Circularity Profile

                  Frequently Asked Questions

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                  What is the part number for power supply to suit 5200WHC2?

                  The part number for power supply to suit is 5100P24/50.

                  Does the 5200WHC2 Wiser Home Control come with a power supply?

                  Yes, the 5200WHC2 Wiser Home Control does come with a power supply.

                  What is the part name for Wiser Home Controller (Wiser 2)?

                  Wiser part no WHC2_5918 has been replaced with new part 5200WHC2

                  What are the dimensions for the 5200WHC2 Wiser Home Control?

                  The dimensions for the 5200WHC2 Wiser Home Control are 175mm(W) X 220mm(H) X 32mm(D).
                  Some of the key features are:
                  • Wired Ethernet or wireless client (Wi-Fi) connection to home network
                  • Supports applications including lighting, climate, blinds/curtains, measurement, multi-room audio and security
                  • A physical port connects directly to a C-Bus network with dual internal C-Bus connections
                  • New User Interface (UI)
                  • Includes preconfigured UIs for consistent appearance on all supported devices
                  • Includes preconfigured widgets to provide consistent graphical components across all interfaces
                  • UI can be viewed in a web browser (Flash must be supported), on an iOS device, on an Android device
                  • Supports control on HDMI connected display device using the device’s own hand-held remote control
                  • Supports a dynamic (DHCP) or fixed IP address configuration
                  • Supports many popular Dynamic DNS services
                  • Supports network time protocol (NTP) for accurate time and date retrieval from the Internet
                  • Includes on-board C-Bus Ripple server for use with C-Bus Multi-Room Audio solution (configuration of C-Bus Ripple library and playlist is possible from iOS app only)
                  • Includes a 10-year Lithium battery backup for the Real Time Clock (RTC)
                  • Powered by 24Vd.c. power supply (supplied) or by Power over Ethernet (PoE)
                  For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=5200WHC2


                  CBUS - Wiser2 - Can you send email via SSL or TLS

                  The Wiser2 does not support SSL natively, so you will not be able to use a web based email account that only supports SSL.

                  You are able to use web based email accounts such as Google's Gmail that also supports TLS - Transport Layer Security.
                  The protocol uses cryptography to provide endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the Internet.

                  The application note attached has been created for a step by step configuration of both the Gmail account and PICED Wiser2 Project.