Clipsal Iconic Universal Dimmer Mechanism Push Button with ControlLink 300W, LED

Vivid White | Clipsal Iconic Universal Dimmer Mechanism Push Button with ControlLink 300W, LED

Clipsal Iconic Universal Dimmer Mechanism Push Button with ControlLink 300W, LED

Item Number: 41E300PBUD2SM-VW

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The Clipsal Iconic Universal Dimmer mechanism provides superior lighting control for any room in your home. The pushbutton dimmer switch provides smooth control of multi-way switching and dimming to allow you to set the perfect level of lighting.

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width23.5 mm

Height icon

Height23.5 mm

Embedding depth icon

Embedding depth39 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour




Clipsal Iconic

Product or component type


Colour tint

vivid white (VW)

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Device presentation


Dimmer type


Type of packing


Load type

  • dimmable LED - 300 W - 240 V AC
  • low voltage halogen lamp with iron core transformer - 300 W - 240 V AC
  • incandescent - 300 W - 240 V AC
    • Range compatibility

      Clipsal Iconic

      Control type

    • push-button
    • ControlLink
      • Fixing mode


        Ambient air temperature for storage

        0-60 °C

        [Ue] rated operational voltage

        220...240 V AC 50 Hz

        Function available

        brightness adjustment

        Protection type


        Ambient air temperature for operation

        0-45 °C

        Relative humidity

        5-90 %

        Connections - terminals

        screw terminal

        Clamping connection capacity

        3 x 1.5 mm²


        23.5 mm


        23.5 mm


        41 mm

        Embedding depth

        39 mm

        REACh Regulation

        Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

        EU RoHS Directive


        Mercury free


        RoHS exemption information


        China RoHS Regulation

        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

        Environmental Disclosure


        Circularity Profile



        Unit Type of Package 1


        Number of Units in Package 1


        Package 1 Weight

        68 g

        Package 1 Height

        3.8 cm

        Package 1 width

        6.6 cm

        Package 1 Length

        8.6 cm
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Which remote mechanism can be used with the 41E300PBUD2SM?

        Both the 2-wire (41EPBM) and 3-wire (41EPBCLM) remote mechanisms can be used with the 41E300PBUD2SM. There is a difference in the functionality and how they work with the 41E300PBUD2SM.

        When connected in a two-way situation with a 3-wire remote mechanism (41EPBCLM) the dimming settings can be changed from either mechanism but these settings will not be retained when turned on from the remote mechanism and will return to full brightness. The 3-wire remote mechanism has an integral LED indicator that can be used.

        Using the 2-wire remote mech (41EPBM) will allow the setting of dimming levels from either mechanism and will retain dimming levels previously set when turned on from the remote mechanism. The 41EPBM does not have a LED indicator.
        2-wire Dimmer and ControlLinks.png

        What is the part no. of a Push Button Dimmer and Switch mechanism, both in one ?

        The part nos. that are both dimmer and switch in Push Button type are as follows ,

        Clipsal 30 Series                - 31E2PUDM-WE , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
        Clipsal Saturn Series         - 4061E2PUDM-TR , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
        Clipsal Modena Series     - 80E2PUDM-WE , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
        Clipsal Iconic                      - 41E300PBUD2SM-VW , 2 wire Dimmer mechanism 240V , 300W
        Clipsal Iconic                      - 41EPBDWCLM-VW , Bluetooth Enabled 3 wire Dimmer mechanism 240V , 300W, 150W Dimmable LED

        Note:-  All the above are Universal Dimmers.

        Dimmer and Switch.png

        What is the part number for a push button dimmer for the Iconic range?

        The part number for a push button dimmer for the Iconic range is - 41E300PBUD2SM

        For further information , visit link below:-
        User-added image

        What are the part numbers for 2 way switching with pushbutton dimmers for the Iconic range?

        The part numbers for 2 way switching with pushbutton dimmers for the Iconic range are - 41E300PBUD2SM & 41EPBM

        For further information, visit the link below:-

        User-added image

        Does 41E300PBUD2SM Iconic push button dimmer do ON /OFF + dimming?

        Yes, 41E300PBUD2SM is an integrally switched dimmer, with tactile feel push button.

        Pushbutton Universal Dimmer Operation:
        Short Press : 
        • Press the pushbutton to switch the light On or Off.
        •The dimmer has memory, and will remember the previous dim setting, when you switch the light on. When you press the pushbutton to switch the light Off, the unit will store the current setting in memory.
        Long Press :
        • Press and hold the pushbutton to dim the light up and down. Release to stop dimming.
        • The dimmer will cycle up and down alternately. With a Long Press while the light is On, the dimmer will dim down (decrease brightness) by default. With a Long Press when the light is Off, the dimmer will dim upwards (increase brightness) by default. A subsequent Long Press will dim in the opposite direction.
        • Whilst dimming, if the light reaches its maximum or minimum brightness level, dimming stops at that level.
        • A single ramp cycle takes about 10 seconds to complete (full range, min. to max.).
        • If the pushbutton is not pressed for 15 seconds, the dimmer is set to dim down on the next Long Press.
        Note: If the pushbutton is pressed for longer than 15 seconds, the pushbutton dimmer unit will go into Configuration Mode

        For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=41E300PBUD2SM

        Are caps/push button dolly supplied with 41E300PBUD2SM-VW, Iconic push button Universal dimmer?

        Yes, 41E300PBUD2SM-VW is supplied with Vivid White (VW) push button assembly.
        For further information, please visit