Unswitched Sockets, Flush Mount, Power Outlet Single 250V 10A - 3 pin

White Electric | Unswitched Sockets, Flush Mount, Power Outlet Single 250V 10A - 3 pin

Unswitched Sockets, Flush Mount, Power Outlet Single 250V 10A - 3 pin

Item Number: 415-WE



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Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product

Product or component type


Product brand




without marking

Local signalling

without light indicator

Device mounting


Fixing mode

by screws

[In] rated current

10 A

[Ue] rated operational voltage

250 V AC


27 mm


94 mm


42 mm

Fixing center

84 mm


  • AS/NZS 3112
  • AS 3100
  • AS 3109
  • AS/NZS 3122:approval number S/1

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental Disclosure


Quantity per set

set of 1



PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

58.0 g

Package 1 Height

2.7 cm

Package 1 width

4.2 cm

Package 1 Length

9.4 cm

Unit Type of Package 2


Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Weight

0.51 kg

Package 2 Height

10.2 cm

Package 2 width

11.7 cm

Package 2 Length

13.8 cm

Unit Type of Package 3


Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Weight

5.8 kg

Package 3 Height

15.7 cm

Package 3 width

30.5 cm

Package 3 Length

44.5 cm

Cover type

complete housing
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Select Circuit breaker for the High Efficiency Motor?

To select circuit breaker for the High efficiency motor, Please follow as specified. 

1) If the subtransient starting current is known (indicated by the motor manufacturer) and is less than 19 In motor (A peak). In this case, the starter components can be selected directly from the coordination tables from the latest Complimentary Technical Catalog, whatever the value of the starting current (for Id > 7.5 In).
Example: for a 110 kW 380/415 V 3-phase motor, the selected components are: NSX250-MA220/LC1-F225/LR9-F5371

2) If the subtransient starting current is unknown or greater than 19 In motor (A peak).In this case, the value used for the motor power in the coordination tables should be increased by 20 % to satisfy optimum starting and coordination conditions.
Example: for a 110 kW 380/415 V 3-phase motor, the selected components are
those for a motor power of 110 + 20 % = 132 kW: NSX400 Micrologic 4.3M/LC1-F265/LR9-F5371

Attached document for further reference. 

What causes a OP3 fault on the ATV212 drive?

OP3 fault on the ATV212 drive

Product Line:
ATV21 ATV212 Altivar 212, Altivar 21 drives

All models, All serial numbers

OP3 fault is caused by overvoltage during constant speed operation.  This could be caused by abnormal fluctuation of the input voltage, Power networks greater than 200kVA, Power factor correction switching, SCR's switching on the Power network, the load regenerating into the drive or intermittent output phase loss. 

Confirm the motor nameplate information matches settings in the drive.  Confirm that the drive is sized correctly for the load and application.

tYP = 2 (60Hz)
tHr = motor FLA
uLu = motor voltage
F415 = motor FLA
F417 = motor RPM

Set F626 = 150% (increases the DC bus overvoltage threshold)
Set AU1 = 0 (disables Auto ramp)

Check the setting of Pt parameter (type of control) matches the application. 

Check to make sure that the load is not spinning without drive's input (such as fan applications). If the load is spinning too fast in the wrong direction, the drive won't be able to catch it. If this is the case, try installing a mechanical brake to prevent this issue. 

Check the setting of F301 Catch on the fly and try setting it to 4 (Each start)

What could cause the ATV21 or ATV212 drive, to trip on E20 fault?

My ATV21/ATV212 drive is tripping on E20 faults.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


Excessive torque boost.
The drive calculates the expected motor torque based on the program parameters.  This fault occurs when the calculated value does not match the measured value.
It is most common on Pump and Fan applications when slowing down (decelerating) from above 40 Hz.

The E20 fault could be due to:

  1. An incorrect setting of the motor name plate data in the drive motor parameters.
  2. Incorrect deceleration ramp time for the application
  3. A wrong Auto tuning result (F402 parameter) when using certain motor control types (PT = 2 , 3 or 4).
  4. Ub parameter (voltage boost) is set too high.

We suggest you check the following in order:

Verify the correct the motor name plate data has been set in the parameters as follows:

ulu = motor voltage
uL = nominal motor frequency
F415 = nominal motor current
F417 = motor RPMs

Check that AU1= 0 (auto ramp is off).  The default setting for this parameter is 1 (on).

If this does not help, then:
Program a dual ramp.

F505= 40hz  2nd ramp frequency
F500= 12 seconds  ACC 2
F501= 12 seconds DEC 2

A bad auto tuning result when the Pt parameter is set to 2, 3, or 4 can cause this.

Perform a new Auto tune
Set F400 = 2 , give a run command (F or R input =24Vdc) , wait the end of the display message Atn1 (the motor must be cold and without any rotation).

Too high value of ub parameter (boost torque1) in function of the motor control law (PT = 0 or 1).

Reset the drive back to the factory setting or reduce the ub value set by the customer.


Video: How can you program the ATV212 drive to follow 0-10vdc speed signal on VIA and start/stop via terminal control?

ATV212 programming to follow 0-10vdc speed signal on VIA and start/stop via terminals

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


Wants to use VIA for 0-10vdc speed control and start stop via 2 wire control thru the terminal inputs.

SW100 switch setting:  Set the switch on the main circuit board to U for an 0-10vdc input signal for VIA (set upper switch to the left position)

0-10vdc signal to VIA and CC   
Two wire start dry contact or relay is wired between P24 and F

CNOD= 0 (terminal control)
F111= 2  for 2 wire control
uLu= motor voltage
F415= normal motor current
F417= normal motor RPMs
thr = normal motor current


What are the repair parts for the HU363SS, series F6? (may be shown as F06)

Repair parts

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switch

The repair parts for the HU363SS, series F6 (F06) are as follows. No other parts are available.
Line Base Assembly - 4056775250 (arc suppressor not included)
-Line Base mounting screw - 4020515101 (3 required)
-Arc Suppressor Assembly - 4056635550
-Arc Suppressor mounting screw - 4020514501 (1 required)
-Lug assembly - 4025101851 (per lug)
-Lug Mounting Screw - 4020514202 (per lug)
-Mechanism Assembly - 4056646950 (NOTE: handle coupling, cover interlock defeat coupling, and lockplate gaskets may also need replacing)
-Handle Coupling - 4056699850
-Cover Interlock Defeat Coupling - 4056699750
-Handle Assembly - 4056894150 (also recommend replacing lockplate gaskets)
-Lockplate - 4056894201 (also recommend replacing lockplate gaskets)
-Lockplate Gasket - 4050322802 (2 required)
-Lockplate mounting screw - 2194900001 (2 required)
-Ground Lug - 4025101851 (2 required)
-Ground Lug Mounting Screw - 4020514801

Electrical characteristics of obsolete AD module power supply for Micrologic

Obsolete AD module power supply for Micrologic

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

These are now obsolete; information for installed base only

  The following are the catalog numbers of the obsolete power supplies. All produce a 24 Vdc output. 
Cat. No. Input Output
68582324–30 Vdc 
24 VDC, 1 A
(all have this same output)
68582448–60 Vdc
685825100–125 Vdc
685826110–130 Vac
685827200–240 Vac
685829380–415 Vac

See instruction bulletin, S1A80373.
As an example, this is a picture of the 685826.

Picture of a power supply
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