Clipsal Iconic HDMI Adaptor Angled

Clipsal Iconic HDMI Adaptor, Angled

Clipsal Iconic HDMI Adaptor Angled

Item Number: 40HDMIA-TN

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The Clipsal Iconic HDMI Adaptor is a clever solution for keeping HDMI communications cables organized. The unique design of this HDMI connector allows for extra space when using multiple cables for a clean look.

Colour Translucent (TN)
  • Translucent 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

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Width23 mm

Height icon

Height23 mm

Depth icon

Depth41 mm

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Clipsal Iconic

Product or component type

female connector


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Device presentation


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Quantity per set

set of 10

Device mounting


Socket number


Range compatibility


23 mm


23 mm


41 mm

Net weight

0.015 kg

Environmental characteristic


EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation



PC (polycarbonate)

Contacts material

gold plated


Package 1 Weight

0.016 kg

Package 1 Height

20 mm

Package 1 width

76 mm

Package 1 Length

127 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number for Iconic series HDMI mechanisms?

The part number for Iconic HDMI mechanisms are:

40HDMIS -  Clipsal Iconic - HDMI straight socket
For further information, please visit

40HDMIA - Clipsal Iconic - HDMI Angled socket
For further information, please visit

Do clipsal sell a HDMI mechanism?

Yes 30HDMIS is straight and 30HDMIA is the angled mechanism.
For more information please follow links below

What are the available colours for 30HDMIS and 30HDMIA, 30 series HDMI mechanisms?

White Electric (WE) is the only colour available for 30HDMIA and 30HDMIS. Unfortunately it is not available in other colours.
For further information, please visit:

Is there a HDMI Module in the PDL range, angled like the clipsal one

You will need to use a Clipsal 30HDMIA with a PDL 619MM

Can I fit 4 30HDMIS in a plate

 Yes you can

Is part number 30HDMI available in Black?

No. Unfortunately,the part number 30HDMI is not available in Black.

Will the 30HDMIS mechanism fit in a SC2033VH?

Yes, it will fit. As the 30HDMIS is a 30 series mechanism and the slimline SC200 series plate accepts 30 series mechanisms.

For further information please visit Trade - Clipsal by Schneider Electric

What is the part number for a right angle, HDMI, 30 series mechanism?

The right angled, HDMI, 30 series mechanism is a 30HDMIA.

What is the speed of the 30HDMI series mech?

The 30HDMI is a Type A - It is series 1.4

HDMI 1.4 increases the maximum resolution to 4K × 2K, i.e. 4096×2160 at 24mhz
and allows for a 100 Mbit connection between the two HDMI connected devices.

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What is the data jacks that fits the Saturn 4032VH data plate

You will need to use the 4032VH plates and any Clipsal 30 Series data and AV mechs,  
these plates will aslo fit any 30 series switch mech,
EG  30TV75M, 30PFM, 30HDMIA, VDIB17756U-we

Does a HDMI cable plug straight into the 30HDMIS adaptor?

Yes, the 30HDMIS adaptor has a HDMI port so you can plug a HDMI cord straight into it.
 Its key features are:
  • 30 Series mechanism
  • Straight rear connection 
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