Clipsal Iconic Switch Plate Skin Blank, Horizontal/Vertical Mount

Vivid White | Clipsal Iconic Switch Plate Skin Blank, Horizontal/Vertical Mount

Clipsal Iconic Switch Plate Skin Blank, Horizontal/Vertical Mount

Item Number: 3040C-VW

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RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Vivid White (VW)
  • Vivid White 1 PCE
  • Anthracite 1 PCE
  • Cool Grey 1 PCE
  • Warm Grey 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width78 mm

Height icon

Height120 mm

Depth icon

Depth9 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour
Clipsal Iconic 3025 exploded view
3043G Rear Perspective




Clipsal Iconic

Product or component type

cover frame

Colour tint

vivid white


Quantity per set

set of 20

Device mounting


Fixing mode


Installation direction



120 mm


78 mm


9 mm

Net weight

0.02 kg

EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Environmental Disclosure



Package 1 Weight

22 g

Package 1 Height

9 mm

Package 1 width

83 mm

Package 1 Length

125 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Iconic intermediate mechanism available assembled on a switch plate?

Unfortunately, the Iconic intermediate mechanism is not available assembled on a plate. It can put together using below part numbers;
40MIL  - Clipsal Iconic Intermediate Switch Mechanism, 250V, 10A, LED.
3041G - Clipsal Iconic - Switch-Grid, Vertical/Horizontal Mount, 1 Gang
3041C - Clipsal Iconic - Skin Switch Plate Cover, Vertical/Horizontal Mount, 1 Gang
For further information, please visit the below links:

What does the PDLDBF30BPDOM consists of

 It comes with 1xDBF30, 3x40A RCCBs, 7x20A MCBs, 2x10A MCBs

What is the Pin out detail for the Modbus programming cable 110 XCA 20 3000?

The pin out details of the Modbus programming cable 110 XCA 20300 is as shown in the attached.


What is the Maximum number of BMXNOR0200 module which can be installed with a Modicon M580 CPU local rack.

The maximum number of BMXNOR0200 which can be installed within a local rack containing M580 CPU is 6.
It also depends on the model of M580 CPU is being used.

1. BMEP58 6040 can accomodate 6 BMXNOR0200 modules.
2. BMEP58 5040 can accomodate 4 BMXNOR0200 modules.
3. BMEP58 4040 can accomodate 4 BMXNOR0200 modules.
4. BMEP58 4020 can accomodate 4 BMXNOR0200 modules.
5. BMEP58 3040 can accomodate 3 BMXNOR0200 modules.
6. BMEP58 3020 can accomodate 3 BMXNOR0200 modules.
7. BMEP58 2040 can accomodate 2 BMXNOR0200 modules.
8. BMEP58 2020 can accomodate 2 BMXNOR0200 modules. 
9. BMEP58 1020 can accomodate 2 BMXNOR0200 modules. 

What is the new part numbers for the Clipsal 9040CM and 9050CM conduit

New part numbers are 9040TCM and 9050TCM
Now changed to the Turbo version.

What is the maximum Modbus port speed on the M340 CPU?

Modbus port speed up to 38400 baud on all CPU's with embedded Modbus ports. (ex. BMXP341000, BMXP342000, BMXP342010, BMXP342020)

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The Clipsal Iconic range is founded on a specialised electrically safe grid plate.
Once installed by an electrician, it’s safe for anyone to change the skins at any time by simply clipping off the standard skins and snapping on a new design.

Iconic’s interchangeable standard, Styl and Essence skins provide clever options tailored to suit a homes’ decor or family’s lifestyle.