Batten Holder BC Clip ON Cover SAFE

Batten Holder BC Clip ON Cover SAFE

Batten Holder BC Clip ON Cover SAFE

Item Number: 2530SS-WE

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Product or component type

BC lamp holder adaptor

Colour tint

white electric


Provided equipment

  • lamp holder
  • wall anchor
  • safety cover
    • Device mounting


      [Ue] rated operational voltage

      250 V

      Connections - terminals

      4 terminals

      EU RoHS Directive

      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)


      Unit Type of Package 1


      Number of Units in Package 1


      Package 1 Weight

      74 g

      Package 1 Height

      70 mm

      Package 1 width

      70 mm

      Package 1 Length

      70 mm
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is the 230CS board still available?

       No, unfortunately the 230CS is no longer available.

      For further information please visit

      Is the 530ES (Battenholder, Edison Screw, straight with safety skirt) available in black?

      No the 530ES is only available in white.

      What is the wattage for a Clipsal 530ES Batten Holder ?

      It is 60 watts

      530ES & P38/1 - where to find on PDL & Clipsal Websites?



      Is there a non metallic circuit breaker enclosure available for the Molded Case Circuit Breakers?

      Is there a non-metallic (ie. fiberglass, etc) breaker enclosure for MCCBs?

      Product Line:
      Circuit Breaker Enclosure

      Square D Breaker Enclosure

      There are no circuit breaker enclosures available for molded case circuit breakers that is manufactured from a non metallic material. Only metal type enclosures are available.

      Video: Where is the wiring diagram located and what information does it contain and where is the date code located on ALL the molded case circuit breaker enclosures?

      Product Design Features

      Product Line:
      Circuit Breaker Enclosures

      Wiring diagram location and information

      Specifications and Date Code for product

      NOTE: This information will generally apply to ALL the Molded Case Circuit Breaker Enclosures(The F-frame, B-Frame, H-frame, the J-frame, the L-frame, the M-frame and P-Frame). But for the video a J250S was used.

      The wiring diagram on the circuit breaker enclosures will be located on, one of the inside sidewalls of the enclosure. All the necessary information for the enclosure will be on the wiring diagram and will contain the following;
      1) Catalog and series number of the enclosure
      2) What type of Circuit breakers that can be used
      3) Any accessory that can be used in the enclosure, like the solid neutral and equipment ground kit
      4) The UL listed catalog number Prefixes for the breakers that can be used in the enclosure
      5) Maximum wire sizes for the enclosure(NOTE: Sometimes the breaker can accept larger wire, BUT the enclosure wire bending space will be limited to what the wiring diagram shows)
      6) The Wiring schematics
      7) The Short Circuit Current Rating information for each breaker at each voltage level
      8) The Date code. The date code will be an ink stamp, generally located on the inside back wall of the enclosure. The Date Code will be a 5 or 6 digit code and will read as follows; first two digits = year, the 2nd two digits = week of the year, the 5th digit = the day of the week and the last digit(if used) = the shift. For example, 183241 is year - 2018, week of year -32, day of week - 4 and shift - 1. (Aug. 9th, 2018)

      Outputs May Turn On at Power Up When Using a 170ENT11002 with Specific I/O Bases

      Release Notice

      The purpose of this Resolution is to inform users of 170ENT11002 Ethernet Communication Adapters of a condition where outputs could turn on briefly at powerup when mounted on specific digital output bases and combination digital input and output bases.


      Goals and Symptoms

      170ENT11002s with a DOM (date of manufacture) of 8-2004, mounted on digital DC output bases or combination digital IO bases, may turn on all or some of the outputs for approximately 250ms, when field power is applied simultaneously or prior to module power. The outputs affected during this initial power on cycle, turn off after approximately 250ms and return to normal control.

      Facts and Changes

      Units affected are:
      170ENT110002 with a DOM of 8-2004 through 11-2004 and a PV of 02

      This issue does not occur with:· 170ENT11002s with a DOM of 7-2004 or older
      · 170ENT11000s
      · 170ENT11001s

      Causes and Fixes

      The problem has been eliminated with 170ENT11002s with a PV of 03 or higher or a Date of Manufacture of 12-2004 or higher.

      • Contact your local Schneider Electric office for exchanges.

        For a temporary workaround of affected 170ENT11002 adapters, field power must be off when power is applied to the module. Once module power is applied, field power can then be applied.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL167645 V3.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
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