box meter cam lock

Resi Max Box Meter Cam Lock, South Australian Type, Key Locking Unit

Catalogue Number: 230DRASL
box meter cam lock
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Product brand
Product or component type
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
0.058 kg
Package 1 Height
35 mm
Package 1 width
95 mm
Package 1 Length
114 mm
Unit Type of Package 2
Number of Units in Package 2
Package 2 Weight
0.34 kg
Package 2 Height
54 mm
Package 2 width
80 mm
Package 2 Length
121 mm
Unit Type of Package 3
Number of Units in Package 3
Package 3 Weight
8.5 kg
Package 3 Height
250 mm
Package 3 width
214 mm
Package 3 Length
338 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are spare doors available to suit the 230DRAV?

Yes, The part number is 230DRAVAD this will also suit the  230DRAQ.​

What is the part number for the spare door for 230DRAV / 230DRAVL / 230DRAQ?

The part number for the spare door is 230DRAVAD

What are the dimensions for the 230DRAS3?

The dimensions for the 230DRAS3 are - H608 X W612 X D257mm (Overall Dimensions), Meter Panel Dimensions: H550 X W350mm.

For further information , visit link below:-
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How many modules are in part number 230DRAVL?

Part number 230DRAVL is a 21 module enclosure.

Do 230DRAT, Tasmanian meter boards come with earth cable?

Since Q1 2016 Clipsal started supplying 230DRAT boards with an earth cable. Prior to this 230DRAT boards were supplied without the earth cable and it was the builders reponsibility to add an earth cable on site .
For further information on 230DRAT, please visit

What is the part number for internal lock for 230DRAVL?

Unfortunately, no part number as a spare for 230DRAVL.

What pole fillers are used in the 230DRAS board?

PDLDBF15/23 is the pole filler used in the 230DRAS board.

Some of the key features are:
  • Switchboard spare part
  • 7.5 modules
For further information please visit

What is the IP rating for 230DRAVL

The 230DRAVL has an IP rating of 23

What are the pole fillers to suit a 230DRAVL?

The pole fillers to the 230DRAVL is the 4F6-WE.

Is external lock for available for 230DRAVL, Victorian Meter box?

230DRAVL enclosure door comes with a provision for an optional, external lock. Unfortunately we do not sell the external lock.

For further information, please visit

What is the replacement part number for the door on the 230DRAVL?

The replacement door is ordered as a special using the following part number: 230DRAVAD

What is the part number for a replacement door for the 230DRAT?

The part number for a replacement door for the 230DRAT is - 230DRAVAD.

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