Single Switch Socket Outlet, 250V, 10A, Standard Size, Vertical

White Electric | Single Switch Socket Outlet, 250V, 10A, Standard Size, Vertical

Single Switch Socket Outlet, 250V, 10A, Standard Size, Vertical

Item Number: 15V-WE

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE
  • Cream 1 PCE
  • Red 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product

Standard Series

Surface finish


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Control type

ON/OFF button

Number of gangs

1 gang

Pin number


Number of power socket outlets



  • rocker
  • switch
    • Mounting position


      Fixing mode

      by screws

      Local signalling

      without light indicator

      [Ue] rated operational voltage

      250 V AC

      [In] rated current

      10 A


      14 mm


      115 mm


      73 mm

      Fixing center

      84 mm


    • AS/NZS 3100
    • AS/NZS 3112
    • AS/NZS 3133
    • AS/NZS 3000:approval number S/1
      • EU RoHS Directive


        Mercury free


        RoHS exemption information


        China RoHS Regulation

        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

        Environmental Disclosure




        PC (polycarbonate)


        Unit Type of Package 1


        Number of Units in Package 1


        Package 1 Weight

        70.4 g

        Package 1 Height

        30 mm

        Package 1 width

        72 mm

        Package 1 Length

        115 mm

        Unit Type of Package 2


        Number of Units in Package 2


        Package 2 Weight

        0.45 kg

        Package 2 Height

        117 mm

        Package 2 width

        102 mm

        Package 2 Length

        138 mm

        Unit Type of Package 3


        Number of Units in Package 3


        Package 3 Weight

        9 kg

        Package 3 Height

        254 mm

        Package 3 width

        348 mm

        Package 3 Length

        445 mm
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        How does the shield connection of the comm port on ION8600/8650 connect to earth ground?

        Product Line:  
        ION8600 / ION8650

        The RS485 shield is connected to earth ground through a 120ohm resistor.  The RS232 shield is connected to earth ground through a 15V sidactor, 1Mohm resistor, and a 1nF capacitor.

        Communication Gateway - What pins are what on the RS485 (Modbus) Terminal Block? (eg. Rx+, Rx-, Tx+ and correct orientation)

        Pin 1 - 15V input
        Pin 2 - Ground
        Pin 3 - RS485 A
        Pin 4 - RS485 B
        RS485 is a bidirectional differential bus so there is no transmit and receive. Pin 1 is on the right when looking at the connector. See attached diagram.

        How to power a Xantrex System Control Panel when no XW+ or SW is present?

        When using a Xantrex System Control Panel, this unit is powered from either an XW+ or an SW hybrid inverter.

        When in a situation that either one of these hybrid inverters are not available, to get the SCP to operate, you will need to provide an independant 15V DC 200mA supply to the Xanbus network.

        +ve should be connected straight to pins 1,2 and 7. -ve should be connected to 3, 6 and 8.

        Do you have a 4 pole normally closed 159 Series contactor?

        Unfortunately the 4 pole normally closed 159 Series contactor was a part of the Square D brand and has been discontinued.

        What is the minimum ring Voltage the ION8650 modem can detect?

        What is the minimum ring Voltage the ION8650 modem can detect?

        Product Line

        Modem communications

        The vendor specification for RING detection use the frequency range from 15Hz to 68Hz and a DC offset of 35V and above with up to 100V RMS RING. This range covers 99.99% of all real world ring scenarios and there are no approval agencies that we are aware of that are outside of that range. Normal ring offset is usually 37V to 48V DC with a ring voltage less than 100V RMS.

        We have tested 15V RMS and have been able to detect RING, but the test equipment was generating a perfect 20 Hz sine wave for TIP and RING and they are opposite of each other. Not every provided TIP/RING signal will be perfect (or even a sine wave) so that would change the actual RING detect voltage. Firmware version 1.02u was tested at 14 Hz and tested to 20 V and 68 Hz tested to 19 V.

        What is the 154 that suits the Slimline range?

        The 154 to suit the Slimline range is the 154RM.
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