General Accessories Mounting Brackets, Metal Adaptor Plate to Suit Junction Box

General Accessories Mounting Brackets, Metal Adaptor Plate to Suit Junction Box

General Accessories Mounting Brackets, Metal Adaptor Plate to Suit Junction Box

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adaptor plate


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Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

REACh free of SVHC


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Toxic heavy metal free


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 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

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0.026 kg
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Video: How does the PK4MB2HA retaining kit install into the proper QO, single phase, 225 A max, convertible mains load centers?

Product Design Features 
Product Line:
QO Load Centers
The PK4MB2HA retaining kit secures one QO 2-pole branch circuit breaker with or without electrical accessories to the Right side of the interior when used as a Back-Fed Main Breaker.
This retaining kit can ONLY be used for QO, 1phase, 150-225amp, Convertible main load centers, Series S01 and S02 and Plug-On Neutral Series S06 Load Centers.
The retaining bracket will mount over the face of the back-fed branch breaker and get secured using the single interior mounting screw that comes with the kit.
NOTE: QO-GFI and QO-AFI branch circuit breakers are NOT suitable for use as back-fed main circuit breakers.

The attached video is ONLY to supplement the INSTRUCTIONS that come with the kit. PLEASE make sure to read the instructions and all the below Safety Information that is located in the instructions BEFORE working on any electrical equipment.
A pdf copy of the complete instructions is attached below the video.
Danger label pic

Make sure to turn OFF ALL Power supplying the equipment and verify the power is OFF using a properly rated voltage sensing device, BEFORE working on or with electrical equipment. 
1) Once all Safety steps are followed, begin the kit installation by following the instructions.
2) Make sure to obtain the correct 2-pole, QO branch breaker to be used as the back-fed Main and DO NOT exceed the maximum rating marked on each load center.
3) As shown in step 2, on page 2 of the intructions, remove and discard the interior mounting screw(Fig. 1) 
4) Install the appropriate  QO back-fed branch breaker ONLY in positions 2-4 (The first two positions in the upper right side of the interior)
5) Center the retaining bracket over the breaker to be used as the back-fed breaker and press down against the face of the retaining bracket to seal it against the breaker.
6) Secure the retaining bracket to the base with the new interior mounting screw provided in the kit and torque to 35 lb-in (4 N-m)
7) Remove the backing of the wiring diagram label that comes in the kit, to expose the adhesive and attach the label to the inside of the load center enclosure or to the back of the cover.


What are the repair parts for the HU363SS, series F6? (may be shown as F06)

Repair parts

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switch

The repair parts for the HU363SS, series F6 (F06) are as follows. No other parts are available.
Line Base Assembly - 4056775250 (arc suppressor not included)
-Line Base mounting screw - 4020515101 (3 required)
-Arc Suppressor Assembly - 4056635550
-Arc Suppressor mounting screw - 4020514501 (1 required)
-Lug assembly - 4025101851 (per lug)
-Lug Mounting Screw - 4020514202 (per lug)
-Mechanism Assembly - 4056646950 (NOTE: handle coupling, cover interlock defeat coupling, and lockplate gaskets may also need replacing)
-Handle Coupling - 4056699850
-Cover Interlock Defeat Coupling - 4056699750
-Handle Assembly - 4056894150 (also recommend replacing lockplate gaskets)
-Lockplate - 4056894201 (also recommend replacing lockplate gaskets)
-Lockplate Gasket - 4050322802 (2 required)
-Lockplate mounting screw - 2194900001 (2 required)
-Ground Lug - 4025101851 (2 required)
-Ground Lug Mounting Screw - 4020514801

How do I perform a mass firmware upgrade on APC network enabled products?

How can I upgrade firmware on multiple APC Network Management Cards at one time or in an automated fashion?

Product Line

  • Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) - AP9617, AP9618, AP9619
Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 1 include (but are not limited to): Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP78XX, AP79XX), Rack Automatic Transfer Switches (AP77XX, Environmental Monitoring Units (AP9320, AP9340, NetBotz 200)
  • Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) - AP9630/AP9630CH, AP9631/AP9631CH, AP9635/AP9635CH
Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 2 include (but are not limited to): 2G Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products.
  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions, unless otherwise noted

A user may wish to automate the process of upgrading firmware on Network Management Cards or devices with an embedded card to save time, especially with large quantities of devices.


Users can upgrade the firmware on individual Network Management Cards via a couple of different methods, specifically
  • FTP
  • SCP
  • InfraStruXure Manager (discontinued product)
  • StruxureWare DCE/InfraStruXure Central
  • Firmware Upgrade Utility (the executable is included with the firmware when downloaded)
  • USB (if available)

In some cases, a user may have multiple devices that need to be upgraded. The user can upgrade each device individually. However, this may prove to be time consuming.

Therefore, the user has two options to perform a mass upgrade of firmware.
  • The first, InfraStruXure Manager, is a discontinued item that monitors APC network-enabled devices. A feature of the InfraStruXure Manager is the ability to perform mass firmware upgrades. Please reference the User Guide for the InfraStruXure Manager to perform the mass firmware upgrade. InfraStruXure Central/StruxureWare Central/StruxureWare DCE is InfraStruXture Manager's replacement and offers this feature as well. 
  • The second, the Firmware Upgrade Utility which is included with all currently downloaded firmware for Network Management Card 1, 2 and 3
  •  devices as well as those that embed one of these model cards. You can obtain the latest firmware via the Software / Firmware Download site.

    Download the firmware to your local computer. An example of the firmware that you download will appear as “apc_hw02_aos374_rpdu374.exe”

    Once downloaded, you can run this file and it will automatically launch one of two executables, depending on which firmware you have downloaded.

    exclamation markNOTE: Certain applications have requirements for a firmware update can be applied. Please refer to the particular application's documentation to ensure a mass upgrade can be performed on the device with no other requirements. For instance, the g2ats application has important requirements outlined in Knowledge Base article FA156178 that must be followed before a standalone or mass upgrade can be done.

Network Management Card 1 devices

Once you execute the firmware file .exe, you'll be prompted to extract the files to a chosen location or directory.

Once extracted, the executable will attempt to run the upgrade. Simply close the command prompt windows that open. Locate the directory that the extracted files were saved to. In this directory, you should see a file named “iplist.txt”. Open this file in a text editor. The contents on the iplist.txt should appear similar to:
;SystemIP= (the IP address of the device you wish to upgrade)
;SystemUserName=username (the username of the device you with to upgrade)
;SystemPassword=password (the password of the device you with to upgrade)
In order to upgrade multiple devices, you must edit this text file. You will have to create login parameters for each device you wish to upgrade. (APC recommends no more than 10 devices at one time).

exclamation markNOTE: Any lines in the iplist.txt file starting with a semicolon will be ignored. 
An example of this file with multiple devices is below. (Actual device parameters may appear differently based on user preferences):


Once you have entered the login parameters for each device, make sure to save and exit the file.
Next, locate the “upgrd_util.exe” file, also located in the same directory that you extracted the firmware files to. Double-click on the “upgrd_util.exe” file and the mass upgrade will begin.

exclamation markNOTE: In NMC1 Upgrade Utility v1.2 or higher, a username or password longer than 11 characters will be truncated. Thus, you will need to change the password to 11 characters or less to use upgrd_util.exe. This could be modified using a mass configuration first, outlined in Knowledge Base article FA156117.

A menu should appear with the following options:
1. Use parameters in configuration file.
2. Enter parameters for single upgrade.
3. Exit firmware upgrade tool.

Choose option 1.

The firmware upgrade will now begin. The executable will attempt to upgrade all devices listed in your IP list. If any errors are found, the upgrade will continue on to the next device.

Network Management Card 2 and 3 devices

Locate the directory that the extracted firmware files were saved to and in this directory, open the file named devices.txt manually in a text editor. The contents on the devices.txt should appear similar to:

; Firmware Update Device File for Network Management Card X Devices
; Auto-generated on: 1/31/2022 11:41:07 AM


Remove the ";" symbols from the [Device] line and below, then enter the appropriate configuration for each device that will be upgraded. For example, if two devices will be upgraded with the IP address and, it should look like:



Once the configuration is complete, make sure to save and exit the file. (APC recommends no more than 10 devices at one time). After launching the NMC upgrade utility, the tool will automatically detect the presence of a devices.txt file, select "Start Update" to proceed:

NMC update utility with a valid devices file.

Once the upgrade is complete, you will be required to close the executable/command prompt window.

If you have any questions on this process or experience trouble, please contact APC Technical Support. Before calling, please have the following information available:
  • Firmware that you downloaded.
  • Which method are you using?
  • Device model and serial number that you are attempting to upgrade
  • What type of error do you receive when attempting to upgrade?
  • How many devices are you attempting to upgrade?

Video: Firmware upgrade on a PM800, PM5XXX, PM200, PM700, CM4000/T, CM3000 and CM2000 series meters using DLF-3000

How to upgrade the firmware on a PM800, PM5XXX, PM200, PM700, PM600, CM4000/T, CM3000 and CM2000 series (Powerlogic) meter.

Product Line
PM600 series power meter
PM700 series power meter
PM800 series power meter
PM5000 series power meter
CM4000 series power meter
CM3000 series power meter
CM2000 series power meter

Firmware Upgrade

*Warning: The firmware utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.* 

*Warning: Devices should be disconnected from all monitoring software before performing a firmware upgrade*

Reference the embedded video and attached documents for detailed instructions when using DLF-3000 to upgrade CM4000, PM800, and PM5000 series meter firmware.

The attached procedure is specific to upgrading firmware on the PM800 and PM5000 meters, however the concept and guidelines will be similar for the following meter types in the Powerlogic family:
CM4000 Series
CM3000 Series
CM2000 Series
PM800 Series
PM600 Series 
PM5000 Series
  • To upgrade a CM4000/4250, load the firmware files in the following order using DLF-3000:
1- CM4_DL_XXXXX.fw
2- CM4_OS_XXXXX.fw
3- CM4_LL_XXXXX.fw

If it is a CM4000T, install CVMT_OS_XXXXX.fw after upgrading the CM4_LL_XXXX.fw file.
  • To upgrade CM3000 series, load the firmware files in the following order using DLF-3000:
1- CM3_DL_XXXXX.fw
2- CM3_OS_XXXXX.fw
3- CM3_LL_XXXXX.fw

Use the following link to download the DLF-3000 software:
DLF3000 Download

It is important to note that you need to right click and run DLF3000 as an administrator. 

The following links is to the latest firmware for a CM4000 Series meter (v16.010) and CM4 CVMT OS_11.210:
CM4 DL 13.000
CM4 OS 16.010
CM4 LL 14.170
CM4 CVMT OS 11.210

The following links is to the latest firmware for a CM3000 Series meter (v15.030):
CM3 DL 12.200
CM3 OS 15.030
CM3 LL 14.170

The following link is to the latest firmware for a CM2000 Series meter (v17.011):
PowerLogic CM2000 (CM2) Firmware version 17.011 for use with DLF3000 and DLF101 (fix for rapid energy accumulation on previous versions of firmware)

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM210 Series meter (v3.150):
PM210 firmware

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM710 Series meter:
PM710 firmware (V3.150)
PM750 firmware (V3.160)

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM800 Series meter (v12.700):
PM800 firmware

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM600 Series meter:
PM600 series firmware 
**NOTE: PM600 series firmware has two options in the above link. Please confirm the correct one is used on your device with the instructions in the link.

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM5100 Series meter (v2.1.1 and v2.2.1):
PM5100 firmware

Firmware version 2.xx is not compatible with firmware version 1.xx. The following link is to the latest V1.xx firmware for a PM5100 Series meter (v1.5.4 and v1.6.4):
PM5100 V1 firmware

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM5300 Series meter (v2.1.1 and v2.2.1):
PM5300 firmware

Firmware version 2.xx is not compatible with firmware version 1.xx.The following link is to the latest V1.xx firmware for a PM5300 Series meter (v1.5.4 and v1.6.4):
PM5300 V1 firmware

The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM5560 Series meter that used DLF-3000 for the upgrade (v1.01.0):
PM5560 firmware

All future upgrades past v1.01.0 use the FTP server for the upgrade. See the PM5500 User Guide Page 139 or follow FA299853.

​More Information: 
OS-Operating system;
RS-Reset system;
DL-Download system;
LL-Language Library


What is the CLI status indication in the upper left corner of the ATV61 / ATV71 keypad display?

CLI status on an ATV61 and ATV71 drive.

Product Line:
ATV61 ,  ATV71


Code is displayed on HMI

CLI (Current Limitation)  is a status code,  not a fault code. It can eventually trigger a fault , which will cause the drive to lockout. It indicates that the unit is operating at current limit, based on the programmed threshold in the Settings or Motor Control menus, parameter Current Limitation. Typically, the Current limit setting should be set to 120% (ATV61) or 150% (ATV71) of the motor nameplate full load amps, FLA.
Several causes for CLI include:
Motor reverse rotation
Short acceleration time
Mechanical issue preventing motor rotation
Power supply voltage sag

Can the ATV71 Drive comply with functional safety standard EN13849-1?

ATV71 functional safety standard EN13849-1 compliance

Product Line:
ATV61 /ATV71



Power Removal safety function input is a safe torque off input. When PWR is not connected to the 24V, the motor cannot be started (compliance with functional safety standard EN 954-1, ISO 13849-1 and IEC/EN 61508)

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