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Whether you are inspired by nature and like to bring elements of the outdoors into your home or you feel more comfortable with a classic, timeless and elegant look, your home electrical selections can help to make your home stand out from the crowd.

So let’s explore a few typical interior styles and see what suits you…

A classic home with Clipsal product


A classic home never goes out of style.

Classic style is designed to stand the test of time with accessories that won't steal the show. If you have a classic home, it will have a more traditional, symmetrical layout.

There is often a focal point, such as a fireplace, bay window or even an obvious line of centre to create some kind of structure for the home's design.

Your background tones would be soft, so furniture, cushions, art and other accessories can add complementary layers of colour, texture and overall depth.

You can also update these elements as trends change and time passes. When executed properly, your home will feel organised, safe and inviting for guests!

Traditionally, classic interiors don't need electrical accessories to be bold or make any kind of strong statement. Your fabrics, well-positioned art and accessories should already be doing that.

But, switches and power points can still make your life more convenient, feel more secure and be more efficient! Our classic accessories include Iconic, Saturn Zen, C2000 Series and the ever-popular, 2000 Series.

These symmetrical switch designs are available in traditional white, to suit every classic home. You also have plenty of choice with additional colours, technology and features available for your home.

Industrial Styled Home


A modern spin on contemporary design.

Industrial style is the modern way to add flair with accessories that can complement and contrast.

Naturally, they feature concrete, wood, exposed bricks and often, raw metal as a way to add character to a contemporary home.

If you want to create an industrial style, your materials will become the focal point, as seen in the spacious warehouses and factories that inspired the trend.

Black, white and grey background tones need to remain neutral, so the natural finishes and feature pieces can come forward.

Lighting, art, tiling, furniture and other accessories can add layers to this environmentally-friendly approach to your home's industrial design.

When sourcing materials, be sure to take full advantage of distressed wood, metal and stone finishes. These imperfections immediately add character and will create wonderful talking points for guests!

Finishing touches really matter in home with an industrial design. Your accessories become as much a feature as the raw brick, tiles, engineered stone or brushed metal.

Our industrial styled accessories include Saturn Horizon, Iconic Styl, Metal Plate and the award-winning C-Bus eDLTs.

These ranges offer a world of choices, depending on your need for a bold finish or the very latest in tech for your industrial interior.

But don't stop there, pair your switches with the Zen fan in black and black trim downlights to bring it all together.

Contemporary Styled Home


Maximise living. Declutter your space.

Contemporary home interiors have clean lines and a subtle sophistication about them. Less definitely is more!

Clean space on walls declutters the eyeline and the space between furniture allows occupants to move freely within the home.

This design maximises space and the home's functionality. It's also a clever way to bring your family together, by integrating separate rooms into open-plan living areas.

The earthy, neutral tones of timber and cabinetry work beautifully with concrete floors and in some cases, kitchen benches.


Additional cabinetry can declutter benches of appliances and other things that can make your rooms feel even smaller.

Natural imperfections in your wood and concrete will also provide unique character for your home. And if you prefer a more uniform texture, engineered stone works just as well!

Contemporary interiors need to feel spacious. That goes for your electrical accessories, too, which need to replicate the clean lines and decluttered feel of your home's open-plan interior.

Our contemporary accessories include Saturn, Saturn Zen, Saturn Horizon, Standard, Iconic Styl, Prestige and over-sized Modena.

These switches, power points and dimmers are available in traditional white, and other neutral colours best suited to modern-day homes.

Consider the colour trim of your downlights to complement this ‘on trend’ look - white or silver trim downlights work well in such spaces. 

Natural Styled Home


Bring the outside in.

This modern interior style can be created by using natural light, fresh air and earthy tones throughout the home.

Or take it to another level by using recycled timber for beams, floors, doors, cabinetry and window frames.

This approach is better for the environment and adds a rustic feel to your natural home.

Off-white, light brown and beige background tones set the stage for vertical gardens and greenery within the home.

Fibres, like hemp and linen work well to complement furniture, cushions, art and other accessories when adding natural layers and texture throughout.

Natural styled interiors shouldn't need a lot of additional painting, because your fabrics, art and accessories should create that colour palette, texture and depth for you.

Your switches and power points don't need to stand out either - they should look almost look like they "grew there"

Our natural styled accessories include Clipsal Iconic, Iconic Essence and C-Bus Saturn Zen.

These beautiful switches complement background tones and highlights throughout the home.

These switches, dimmers and power points come in traditional white, although additional surrounds and technology are available for that organic look... yet modern functionality!

Coupled with white trim downlights and a white Caloundra ceiling fan to generate a light breeze is the perfect finishing touch for your natural space.

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