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Clipsal's Weathershield® Range

Clipsal Weathershield range
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The Thunder for Down Under

Have ultimate peace of mind, knowing Clipsal have made our weatherproof products Ultra-Durable. Constructed from Heavy-Duty Plastics and Temperature Resistant technology, Weathershield® can withstand the frozen Snowfields of Thredbo, through to the heat of the Simpson Desert. Rain, Hail or Shine, safely enjoy reliable power all year round, with:

- Water and Dust Protection                          - Impact and Corrosion Resistance

- Sunlight and Colour Fade Resistance         - Both Grey and White Colour Options

From a water fight with the kids, to intense storms, Weathershield® can handle it all.

Weathershield Switches

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Clipsal Weathershield Switch

Weathershield Sockets

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Clipsal Weathershield Socket

Weathershield® Sockets Range



415VFSM20 discontinued

Deep Mounting Block 20mm

Weathershield Switches & Isolators

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Clipsal Weathershield Isolator

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