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Innovative electrical solutions improving guest experience

Clipsal Hotel Solutions contribute to a superior guest experience and repeat business through providing access to cutting-edge technology and high-level connectivity.

Clipsal Hotel Solutions keep you at the forefront of technology and improve your hotel across four
key areas:

  • optimising CapEx and reducing OpEx
  • superior guest experience
  • safety and security
  • energy efficiency and sustainability. 

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Hotel lobby

Optimising CapEx and reducing OpEx

It is essential for all hotels to optimise capital expenditure (CapEx) and minimise operating expenditure (OpEx) in order to achieve healthy profit margins and a positive return on investment, without sacrificing guest comfort.

Clipsal Hotel Solutions assist to optimise CapEx and reduce OpEx.

Hotel restaurant

Superior guest experience

Ensuring guests have an exceptional experience is a top priority for any hotel. Superior guest experience is achieved through providing modern, safe and comfortable conveniences with access to cutting-edge technology and high-level connectivity. All this contributes to assisting with repeat business, brand loyalty and maintaining brand status.

Clipsal Hotel Solutions contribute to improving hotel guests’ experience.

Hotel hallway

Safety and security

Providing a high level of safety and security for guests, staff and hotel assets is imperative. This can be achieved through advanced integration of building management and emergency systems to be all inclusive and discreet, and well designed electrical that incorporates reliable circuit protection.

Clipsal Hotel Solutions can provide greater levels of safety and security in hotels.

Hotel kitchen

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Today’s hotels have a social responsibility to demonstrate sustainability and energy efficiency. Reduction of electricity, gas and water usage, while implementing innovative recycling and waste management strategies – all contributing to higher ratings for Green Star, NABERS and hotel group sustainability programs.

Clipsal Hotel Solutions assist with improving energy efficiency and sustainability.


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