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Health and Aged Care

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Integrated, reliable electrical solutions

Clipsal Health Solutions can assist to reduce installation costs, energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with daily operations of health care facilities. Furthermore, patient comfort and safety is improved, while increasing staff productivity.

To achieve a significantly improved health care environment, integrated technologies need to interoperate with each other and interact with patients and staff to deliver solutions across six key areas:

  • financial performance
  • patient safety
  • productivity
  • patient environment
  • OH&S and security
  • capital expenditure. 

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Financial performance

Good financial performance is imperative to provide the high level of care expected in today’s health care system. Clipsal Health Solutions can assist to reduce energy consumption, maintenance and operational costs associated with health care facilities.

Clipsal Health Solutions improve financial performance.

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Patient safety

A high level of patient safety is paramount for any health care facility. Reduction of health care associated infections (HAI), preventing micro electrocution, faster patient response times, continuous safe power and system integration all contribute to better patient safety.

Clipsal Health Solutions improve patient safety.

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n today’s health care facilities, it is important to increase staff productivity and minimise downtime through state-of-the-art lighting solutions, broad integrated communication, intelligent monitoring, and simple control of systems and devices.

Clipsal Health Solutions increase staff productivity and minimise downtime.

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Patient environment

Today’s modern health care facilities provide patients with far greater levels of comfort, through user-friendly integrated control. Patients can enjoy remote control and operation of lighting, audiovisual systems, air conditioning and food ordering systems - all from the comfort and safety of their bed.

Clipsal Health Solutions improve patient environment and comfort.


OH&S and security

A high level of workplace safety and security is essential in any health care facility. Clipsal Health Solutions seamlessly integrate lighting and electrical systems to ensure fast response, reliable operation and personal safety during critical emergencies and daily operations.

Clipsal Health Solutions improve OH&S and security.

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Captial expenditure

To ensure a positive return on investment it is essential to optimise capital expenditure with flexible, innovative electrical solutions. Cost savings can be achieved through faster installation, improved commissioning, efficient delivery logistics and innovative product design.

Clipsal Health Solutions assist to optimise capital expenditure.


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