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Adding True Value Through Electrical Upgrades

With the announcement of the Australian Government HomeBuilder Stimulus Grants, electrical upgrades are a key consideration for home owners, presenting a great business opportunity for the electrical industry. Home owners rely on your expertise to get the best possible advice and product recommendations. Use this unique opportunity to lead the way and "wow" your customers with new electrical innovations from Clipsal.

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Decorative Choice


When building or renovating, most people focus on paint colours, flooring, tiling and more. But, it’s the finer details that set the best homes apart. More than just wiring and layout, your electrical installation has a huge impact on the overall look, feel and functionality of a home. Recommend Clipsal decorative choice upgrades.

Energy Management


There are many ways to save energy around your home, but with so many options it is hard to know where to start. Add value to your customers by performing an energy management assessment and recommending Clipsal energy solutions.

Safety and Protection


When protecting people and their assets is your business, you rely on a brand that has your back. That’s why electricians across Australia have been proudly installing Clipsal products in Aussie homes since 1920. Add value to your customers by completing a Clipsal safety check on each job.

Decorative Choice

The saying "my home is my castle" holds true, especially in times like these. When looking for design upgrades in the home, innovative wiring device ranges add true value to every home.

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A Style to Suit Every Home

When it comes to building or renovating, there are four key styles that remain on trend - Classic, Industrial, Modern and Natural. Ask your customer what look they are trying to achieve.

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Build Your Iconic

It’s never been easier to customise the Iconic range. Select the buttons, finishes and accessories you want and we’ll give you the bill of materials to order. Share the configurator your customers and encourage them to get creative. They will end up with the look they want and you will get a list of products to order. Simple!

Build your Iconic

How do you care for switches & power points?

Ensure a smooth handover by providing your customers with this cleaning care guide. Co-brand with your business details and leave a lasting impression.

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Clipsal endorsed electrician explaining Energy Management solutions to home owners.

Energy Management

There are many ways for consumers to save on energy costs, but with so many options it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve identified a few key options for you to share with your customers ahead of their new build or renovation project. Add extra value by offering an energy management assessment.

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Safety & Protection

Protection is our #1 Priority. Keep safety top of mind and use this Safety Checklist for your next appointment. Leave it with your customers, so they know what has been or needs to be done, for peace of mind.

Download Safety Checklist

Make Upgrades a Success in Your Business

Looking for a digital promotion kit for your website or social media? Want to hear the latest on safety standards and wiring rules? Login to our partner portal for more downloads and training.

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New Wiser Iconic connected sockets

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New Pro Series

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